Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (epiphany) of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13


Who have sought to explain away the fulfilled forecast of ours on the second ground? Of what are these three sets of fulfillments an impressive proof?

(65) What was the eighth thing forecast for large Friday? By what was it typed? When was it done? How did the judge dispose of the case? What was it proven to be? What was done by the prosecutor with Extra No. 23? Why did the prosecutor's main witness fail him? What two acts prove him to have been an unreliable witness? What did the two Romanist women witnesses fail to do? Why did they likely not appear? What was the character of the station house policemen's testimony? Why? What only could the prosecutor urge?

(66) To what did the prosecution simmer down? What did this actually mean? What did the judge do with the specially attacked parts of John's Rebuke? What did he remark thereon? What was the result on the Romanists? How do the Gospel records not have the exact time of Jesus' being declared not guilty by Pilate? How do they have it? When did it likely occur? Why? In what antitypical hour did the declaration of "not guilty" take place? How long before was the forecast made? On what grounds can it not, and on what ground can it be explained?

(67) What was the ninth forecast for large Friday? What is represented by the hands and feet? How do the cited Scriptures prove this? What is meant by the crucifixion of the Large Jesus? How was the antitypical crucifixion instigated? How did the persecutors act as to the County Court's decision? To what courts did they turn? What did they secure there? What resulted therefrom? What were the antitypical scourgings? When did these arrests, jailings, finings and tongue lashings set in? How long did they continue? How long beforehand was this fulfilled forecast made? On what two grounds can it not be explained away? What is its only reasonable explanation?

(68) What was the forecast event of large Friday? What say the Scriptures thereon? When did the typical railing set in? The antitypical railing? What are the antitypical thieves? Who is the chief one of these? Who are some other English-speaking ones? Polish-speaking



ones? What churches have made themselves such? Unnamed editors? Why are these symbolic thieves? On what matters do they presume to address the General Church? What dismissed and never reinstated pilgrims are examples of such? What is the character of those who continued this railing into the ninth hour? Who ceased railing before? What was the first of such railing? How long after the third hour? What vile epithets did he hurl at some of the priests? Who joined him as a leading railer? Into what time did these and others rail?

(69) Who else joined in the railing? What literature especially occasioned such railing? In what form? What were some of the mildest names called? How vile are some of the railings? What would "good Catholics" even do? What are some of the railers' threats? How would they rail, when our Romanist literature was passed out in Philadelphia and vicinity? What railings did the Editor's name occasion? Of what are such letters and phone calls a commentary? What mask did railing Romanists sometimes wear? What did they often say? What did the frequency of this remark suggest? How were the letters usually written? What was done, if the phone railers refused to give their names? How did one such woman persist? How as to time did the railing come and in some cases last? What did some of the railers do? On what two grounds can the forecast fulfillments not be explained? On what ground alone are they to be explained?

(70) What is the eleventh forecast event of large Friday? What two probability suggestions were given thereon? Which of these proved true? What must be remembered as to the article of P '32, 12, 13? Where else was this true suggestion alluded to? How long before the antitypical darkness was this suggestion made? When did the large sixth and ninth hours come? What is the large darkness? What occasioned the depression's first phase? By what and when was it fairly overcome? When did its second phase set in? What occasioned it? What reasons moved British financiers to urge the government to leave the gold standard? What was the speedy effect of Britain's leaving it on America? How do the two depression phases compare? When did the second set in?

(71) What was the character of the depression's second



phase? Who discerned its cause? What step should America have taken to ward off this blow? Why did she not take it? What second European policy increased the second phase of this depression? What was the third cause of the depression? What resulted from these three causes? How great did unemployment and short time work and reduced wages become? What resulted from these conditions? Who mainly supplied private charity?

(72) What antitypically were the sufferings of the depression's second phase? How long did the typical and antitypical darkness last? Which of our probability suggestions as to the cause of the antitypical darkness proved correct? What is happening with this darkness? What two explanations fail to clarify the fact of the fulfilled forecast? What only can explain it? What as to the darkness does the Bible not give? What course of wisdom should this fact have suggested? Why would it have been wiser not to have suggested it, even if one of our suggestions did prove true? What as to the first suggestions has become the occasion of Levitical railing? Against what is this experience a good illustration? What would have been sufficient for the forecast?

(73) What was the twelfth forecast event of large Friday? What are the two probability suggestions made as to this forecast? Which of these proved true? What produced the death of the Large Jesus? Into what has the use of these dictatorial policies turned America? What has made it a churchianityized Fascism? How can our public work not be stopped? Why? How could it be illegally stopped? How only could it be stopped? What Scriptures imply that it will actually be ended by the use of dictatorial powers? This being so, what in reality was the voting of those powers as to our public work? When were they voted? On what two theories can this forecast fulfillment not be explained? On what theory can it be explained?

(74) What are the remaining forecast events of large Friday? How do they stand as to fulfillment? How many are they? What will each one of these be? What particular thing as to the time of the type of each is not Biblically given? What does it show on this head? What three reasons effected that the last event was completed



before the twelfth hour was ended? How do the cited Scriptures prove this? From what as to these four future events will we do well to refrain? Why could their details not be understood in advance? What did we understand in advance? What did the details always do to us? What, accordingly, may be expected of the future four things of large Friday? Why have we given only meager details on the large sixth wonderful day? What has been left undone as to many details? What are some examples of omitted details? What happened as to these details?

(75) What could be done as to this study? How many will be given? What does this study prove as to the Epiphany movement? What else as to it does it prove? What do these two facts prove as to most of the other movements among the Truth people? What other movements does this study prove to have had various ramifications among them? What has been a favorite pastime among Levite leaders and their partisan  supporters? What do this study and many others in these columns bring to us on this charge? Who is the source of this charge? Why does Satan advance it? What will be the final outcome as to the Truth? To its enemies? What is unanswerably proven by this study? To what should this lead us, if faithful members of the priesthood?

(76) Of what did the article on the large sixth wonderful day, in No. 182, treat? When and where was its contents as a discourse first given? Where else thereafter in Europe? When was it written out as an article? When was it  intended to be published? When was it published? Where and when was it in America delivered as a discourse? How long after the ninth hour ended was it first given as a discourse? What is implied in the fact that the article gave only 15 main facts of Christ's last 21 hours? What will be done in this article with the ones not yet treated? Into what two time groups do they fall? What will an attentive study of it prove? Why is this not true of the earthquake? Before what did the earthquake interpolation creep into Matt. 27: 51, 54? In what has this resulted? Like 1 John 5: 7, how did it likely occur? When did this probably occur? What is in harmony with this thought?

(77) Why will the Editor have to speak of some of his



experiences in explaining matters pertinent to our subject? How will this be done? And how not? After whose examples may this be rightly done? Who will understand this aright? Who wrongly? What persons and activities did we not expound in No. 182? Whom do the four soldiers represent? What did each of these four antitypes take belonging to the Large Jesus? Of what by lot did they dispose? To whom did it fall? What is typed by the stupifying drug that the soldiers offered Jesus? Their offering it to Him? His refusal to take it? By the soldiers watching Jesus?

(78) What else was not explained in No. 182? What will be done with it here? What was the first of these sayings? What is its character as genuine Scripture? What proves this? How are we, therefore, to understand its meaning? How was it answered as to Israel as a whole? As to Israelites indeed who consented to the crucifixion? As to the other guilty ones? How was it antityped? What was the second statement on the cross? How did this fulfill in the antitype? What was the third saying on the cross? What is the antitype as to Mary and John? What are the thoughts that make the antitype reasonable? How was this antitype fulfilled among the Epiphany brethren? When were the first three sayings of Jesus on the cross probably uttered?

(79) When were the remaining four sayings of Jesus on the cross uttered? What Scriptures show this? How do they do it? How long was Jesus silent between His third and fourth sayings on the cross? How long did His silences average during the first three sayings? Why was Jesus so silent on the cross? Why was the cry, "I thirst," probably the fourth saying on the cross? From what can this not certainly be inferred? What is the antitype of this thirst?

(80) In the Editor's experience in America from Feb. 1 to June 7? In Britain? In Bergen, Norway? In Oslo, Norway? What gave him the stilling of his symbolic thirst? How? Of what was this a part in the antitype? Who else had similar experiences? What did these fulfill?

(81) What was the fifth saying on the cross? Its antitype? Whose experience as illustrative of the antitype will here be given? What was the course of this experience?



Who else had similar experiences? What do we recognize these experiences to be? What was the sixth saying of Jesus on the cross? What can we not from the Bible determine as to the time order of Luke 23: 46 and John 19: 30? What in this case, as in the case of the fourth and fifth sayings, gives us the clue to the time order? Which of the last two sayings was antityped first?

(82) How and when did the antitype set in for the Editor? Proceed? End? Who else had similar experiences? How did the seventh saying on the cross have its fulfillment in the Editor? In others?

(83) What are we now ready to study? What is the first of these? What did it effect in the type? What did it mean in the type? How, in the first place, is this apparent? In the second place? What is typed by the rending of the vail? What three external events corroborate the antitypes' having set in?

(84) What will here be done as to the earthquake and the rising of the Ancient Worthies? What will next be considered? What first at the foot of the cross engages our attention? What is thereby typed? What is typed by two others there? By their activities there during the first stages of the cross? By their later withdrawing to a distance? Viewing Jesus, afar off? Who else were there? What individual? Whom does she type? What is typed by her standing afar off? Who are typed by the unnamed women? By their standing afar off? What in part decreased the sympathy of the antitypical women?

(85) Whom do the impenitent, and the penitent thief type? What is typed by the Jews requesting that the legs of the three crucified be broken? Whom did the antitypical breaking affect? Whom not? Of what is not, and of what is the present increasing persecution of the Truth people an antitype? Before what did the leg breaking and side piercing occur? What two things prove this?

(86) What is the next episode of the crucifixion day? When did Joseph start out for Pilate? How is this to be proved? Who were privileged to antitype Nicodemus and Joseph? What kind of a journey was the antitype of Joseph's to Pilate? How and when did the preparation for it begin? How, where and when did its first part begin? How, where and when did it proceed and end?



What was the second part of Joseph's journey? Its antitype? In what did its preparation consist, type and antitype? To whom did its end bring the traveler? What was done by him to Pilate, type and antitype?

(87) What occasioned the correspondence between the U.S. Treasury Department and the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement? When did it begin? On what four things did the Department request information? When was the answer given? What did it say in the first place? In the second place? What two qualities did the fact that the Department's Philadelphia agent was a Romanist require to be exercised in the reply? When was the second letter sent to the Bible House on this subject? What did it say in its first part? In its second part? What effect on our contributors would the granting of exemption to our Movement have had? What, in the third place, did this letter say as to three things?

(88) When was this letter answered? What did the answer contain? How large was the letter? On what grounds was exemption claimed? Despite what? When was this letter handed to the Treasury's agent at Philadelphia? What was the opinion of the agent, his lawyer and the Movement's manager? What, accordingly, did the agent do as to the letter of Dec. 28? What followed? What was done March 15? What was the viewpoint of this letter? When was a summary of it mailed to the Bible House? When was it there received? As what was it immediately recognized? What was done several days later? What opinion was expressed then? What question was then asked? What was the answer? What were these acts antitypically?

(89) Of what was the Treasury's first letter not a part? What did its function seem to be? What is the antitype of Joseph's request for Jesus' body? How does the time feature agree with this? What had been going on for nearly five months before the letter of Nov. 27, 1933, was written? What in reality did the letter of Nov. 27 request? Of what was the Treasury Department's letter of Dec. 21, 1933, through its Philadelphia agent, the antitype? What is in line with this thought? What was the antitype of the centurion's answer to Pilate? What was the antitype of the centurion's declaring Jesus to be a



just man? What is the antitype of the soldier recognizing that Jesus was dead? Of his spear-thrust?

(90) What is typed by David's spearmen? Swordsmen? Slingers? Archers? Why was the counsel's letter the antitypical spear-thrust? What is the antitype of Pilate's giving Joseph permission to take Jesus' body down from the cross and to bury it? Why is this so? Despite what? What was the antitype of the centurion's statement, "This is the son of God"? What differences should here be noted? What was done as to this matter at the Detroit Convention? What else was there treated? Of what was this the antitype? How so?

(91) Who, among others, listened attentively to this matter at the Detroit Convention? What did this influence him to do shortly thereafter? As what? What would be the tendency of such a discourse? Why was it needed? What will be here omitted as to the contents of Bro. Jolly's talk? Why? What of it will be given? What is the first of these proofs? The second?

(92) What was Bro. Jolly's third proof? The fourth? The fifth? The sixth? The seventh? What did the Lord give in corroboration of these seven arguments? When? What was done thereon the next day? What is typed by Nicodemus' securing the myrrh and aloes? What is typed by the 100- weight? The myrrh and aloes? What is typed by his putting them in contact with Jesus' body?

(93) What did Joseph first do with the body? What did he buy? What did he do therewith? What is the antitype of buying the linen? Of wrapping the body therein and therewith? In what three ways did Israelites pay respect to the dead? What does clean fine linen symbolize? How does the Bible prove this? What set of acts is found in the antitype? What objection is made against this involving the entire Large Jesus? How is it refuted? What consideration as to Daniel typing our Pastor is also in line with the antitype—the Large Jesus? How was our Pastor and the Large Jesus described in that discourse and article?

(94) What antityped Jesus' funeral and burial? For what is a funeral intended? How did the discourse and article on Dan. 7-12 treat of Bro. Russell? From what two standpoints? What, accordingly, were that discourse



and article as to the Large Jesus? Why? For what is a burial intended? What is a burial? Regardless of what? What did that discourse and article do to Bro. Russell and the Large Jesus? Who else were also symbolically buried expressly in them? What is typed by the burial taking place in a rock- hewn tomb?

(95) What is typed by Joseph's making the tomb? By its being a new tomb? By its never before having been used a tomb? The haste of the burial? By the burial ending with the closing of the door? By the great stone? By rolling the rock against the door? By the two Marys and the other women following the body to the grave? Seeing it? And how the body was laid? By the Marys sitting over against the sepulchre? Why?

(96) What does our study of the large sixth wonderful day give us? What does this prove? In what particular do we also find antitypes therein? What does this complete? Only in what was a mistake made? What was our mental attitude in this phase of the subject? What actually results for our general view through this mistake? Why? Why should not the antitypical earthquake have happened then? Why does this strongly prove our viewpoint? Who are finding great fault on this point? What do they,  accordingly, call the writer? What do they ignore? To what should these fulfillments have moved them? What, on the contrary, do they do? Of what do they remind us? What, accordingly, should we say of them? How will the Priesthood act therein?

(97) What pertinent acknowledgment is herein made? What kind of a mistake was it? What could it not cause? In whom? In whom only might it cause regret over Armageddon's not coming sooner? How should we regard the unkind and unjust use that bad Levites make of this mistake? What should we remember as to weak brethren with good hearts? With bad hearts? What at all times should we remember thereon? As to bad Levites' unfairness therein?

(98) What is the first extenuating consideration as to this mistake? The second? Third? Fourth? Fifth? Sixth? Seventh? What do these seven considerations prove? What should result therefrom in estimating the quality of the mistake?



(99) What might one disposed to fault-finding say on this matter? In reply, what should be said to him? Despite what fact? What two considerations cast out of the writer's mind the thought of the possibility of the ungenuineness of the earthquake reference? From what did these two and formerly given seven reasons restrain him? What other reasons acted as a restraint therein? Only under what circumstances can and should he resort to Biblical Numerics as a test of a passage? Only after what time did he have a compelling reason for testing Matt. 27: 51-54 by Biblical Numerics? What first raised doubts on the passage's genuineness? What still kept his mind undecided? Why also was the test of Biblical Numerics not applied until Nov 25, 1934?

(100) What results from these considerations? Why, generally speaking, did the Lord permit the mistake? Specifically for the writer's sake? For the other faithful Epiphany brethren's sake? For the unfaithful among them and among the bad Levites? What is the first exhortation appropriate to the case? Whom should we not imitate in this matter? What other thing should we not allow it to influence us to do? Why would that be especially inappropriate? What, mainly, counts in our standing and testing? And what not mainly? What else should we learn from this experience? From what will this help keep us? What will it bring us? Without what should we not leave our subject? With what should we leave it?

(101) What interesting question arises in this connection? What has the earthquake reference been proven to be? What, therefore, could it not have? What has for years been known as to the character of vs. 52, 53? What three false doctrines do these verses teach? What absurdities do they teach? What other reason did our Pastor hold as against their genuineness? What reasons against the genuineness of vs. 52, 53 do not hold against that of the pertinent parts of vs. 51, 54? What sole reason against that of vs. 52, 53 holds against that of the pertinent parts of vs. 51, 54? How did this fact impress the author for years? To whom did he express this possibility? To what degree did he not allow this possibility to affect him? Why not? Accordingly, what had to be done in the case of the pertinent parts of vs. 51, 54? What aroused strong



suspicions of their ungenuineness? Upon what alone was the expectation of America's Armageddon before Oct., 1934, based? What could not be known of the pertinent parts of these verses before the event? What can interpolations not have? What has the thought based on them been proven to be? At least what gain has resulted from this experience?

(102) Like Latin, what peculiarity, in addition to sound values, do the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic alphabets have? What are some examples of this peculiarity? Where else does this peculiarity exist? What two things does this make each word be? What number do these letters make? What results from this as to every Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic word in the Bible? Among other numeric multiples, of the multiple of what number has God made the sentences of the Bible to consist? How otherwise is the number 7 used in the Bible? How is this illustrated in the Revelation?

(103) What is another illustration of the use of the number 7 in the Bible? How does it there appear? What does this genealogy actually do as to certain of Jesus' ancestors? Why was this not done? Why was it done? What, accordingly, is the pertinent situation as to Bible sentences? What does this prove when the numeric values of Bible sentences are not multiples of 7? In which ways could the changes have occurred? What conclusions result from this fact as to Biblical numerics? What, e.g., does this show of the character of the bulk of 1 John 5: 7? Of other interpolations? What did the failure of America's Armageddon to come by Oct., 1934, move the author to do with Matt. 27: 51-54? With what result? As God gave this section of the Bible what did it not contain? To what did it, therefore, not refer? Why not? What did the author do as to these verses before he learned that they were interpolations?

(104) What was given above? How does the I.V. of Matt. 27: 51-54 read? What did the author first do with the numeric values of the Greek words of the whole passage? What was their total? How did 7 divide into this sum?  What did this show of the passage? What did we then add? What was their sum? How did 7 divide into this sum? What did we know of the sum of the



unsuspected words before we divided them, from the fact that both totals were 5/7 out of harmony? What is the sum of the numeric values of the unsuspected words? How does 7 divide into it? Into its quotient? And the quotient of this quotient? What was the result? What is the convincing power of these phenomena?

(105) Why did the author work on the further numeric possibilities of this passage? What did he, accordingly, do with all the words of v. 51? What is their numeric value? What is their total? How does 7 divide into this total? In line with what is this result? What was then done with the unsuspected words of vs. 51, 54 and the suspected words of vs. 52, 53? What did these total? How does 7 divide this total? What does this prove of vs. 52, 53? While their interpolatory character had been for years known, what was of them here proven for the first time? What would be the crucial test? Why? What is the numeric value of the suspected words of v. 54? What is the total of these three involved numeric values? How does 7 divide this total? What results from this? What other possibility exists? How is this possibility disproven?

(106) What other set of considerations proves that the unsuspected parts of Matt. 27: 51-54 form but one sentence? Of what is this also another proof? How so? What proves that the unsuspected parts of v. 51 are not a complete sentence? That v. 51 is not such? That vs. 51-53 are not such? That vs. 51-54 are not such? What is the other remaining possibility? What results does it yield? What does this prove, in the first place? What second conclusion does Biblical numerics prove as to parts of vs. 51, 54 and the whole of vs. 52, 53? What results from this second conclusion? On what assumption was the mistaken expectation based? By what two things are these interpolations proven to be such? Before what did this interpolation creep into the Greek text?