Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (epiphany) of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13


conditions? What results from this? What kind of builders does it make them?

(15) What ideal did crown-losers have set before them? What did Christ do toward them in this respect? What varied responses did they temporarily make? What similar response did all of them finally make? In what five things did they fall short? What course made them double- minded? By comparison and contrast with the Faithful, in what did this result for them?

(16) What is Christ's fourth office work toward us in the salvation process? What is meant by His being made to us deliverance? In what two different times does He execute this office? What work of deliverance will He do for us after this life? Why will we not discuss this further here? To what phase of His delivering work will we limit our present discussion? Why? What two features does this phase of His delivering work have? How only does He offer to do this work? Why so?

(17) What will manifest this? With what are these implications associated? What is implied in warfare? Who are the chief and subordinate commanders of the army of evil? How many corps has this army? Of what do the first, second, third and fourth corps consist? Who are the chief and subordinate commanders of the other army? Of how many corps does it consist? Of what do its first, second, third, fourth and fifth corps consist? What are the conditions of their deliverance from their enemies' ambushes, etc.? In what does the fulfillment of these conditions also result?

(18) What is the battle ground of the Spirit? What kind of a warfare is there waged? What results therefrom? What guarantees these results? How are these victories not achieved? How are they gained? How must the sentinels act? What must the soldiers endure? Above what must they rise? What must they maintain? How must they act in reverses? In drilling? In sickness and wounds? Yea, in all things? What results from such a course? What supplies deficiencies therein? What is the eventual result?

(19) How do the crown-losers not wage war? How do they temporarily at first fight? What then sets in? How comparatively as to time? How do they view the



conditions of the warfare? In what does this result? What couplet do they at times attempt to act out?

(20) In what does this couplet acted out in earthly warfare often result? In heavenly warfare? To what do yielding and flight lead in this warfare? To what do they expose their doers? Why? How does one prove vulnerable in this warfare? What two evils to their doers result from yielding and flight? What are their effects on the other soldiers? What are the near and final consequences of such a course? What negative, and what positive thing happens to such soldiers? If finally delivered from captivity, what does such a soldier not become? How does he build in deliverance?

(21) What has our study covered as to building? The four salvation processes? The classes of builders? What two things were seen throughout the study? By what did the Faithful build on the Rock? By not doing what did the measurably faithful build on the Sand? What makes the difference in the foundation? What does the Faithfuls' doing Christ's teachings make Him to them? What does the measurably unfaithfuls' not doing Christ's teachings make Him to them? How have we built, as to Christ? Have we built on Him as the Rock? Or as Sand?

(22) Of what did the previous portion of this chapter treat? What will we now discuss? In what is the building  set forth? In what the testing? Who built on the Rock? On the Sand? What have there been from the beginning of the Age? When did the Great Company as such not begin? When did it begin? How do Rev. 7: 14 and 2 Tim. 4: 1 prove this? How does the atonement day service type this? How do corroborative Scriptures prove this? What two works belonging to this line of thought occur simultaneously? How does this prove the point under consideration?

(23) How does the Gospel-Age application of the tabernacle prove this? If no Great Company existed until the Epiphany, what related persons did exist during the entire Age? How must they have been regarded by God? What conclusion must from this consideration be drawn? Why for this study must this be kept in mind? What for awhile were all builders? Why? What do these thoughts prove as to the day of testings and of 1 Cor. 3: 12, 13?



What testings preceded these? What did they effect? What does Mal. 3: 2, 3 teach on this line of thought? Rev. 7: 14? 2 Tim. 4: 1? What, then, as respects the classes as such, was the building time of these parables? Their testing time? What in principle, according to the parable, was done with individual crown-retainers and crown-losers throughout the Age? Why was it then done? What conclusions are to be drawn on this line of thought? What proves them? To what view of these parables does the foregoing not apply?

(24) For what did the above study prepare us? By what means is the testing accomplished? How are these means not to be understood? What three reasons prove this? What procedure should be followed to find out what the rain, floods and winds mean? What does rain usually represent in the Bible? How is this proved by Deut. 32: 2? What is meant by the small rain on the tender herb? Showers on the grass? How does Ps. 72: 6 prove rain to represent Truth? What does its grass represent? What is the teaching of its first clause Its second clause? What other passages use rain for Truth?

(25) What does the rain of our text symbolize? What things are implied in its falling on both houses? What do facts prove of three things in this respect? What has been done with the Parousia Truth since our Pastor's death? With the Epiphany Truth? Why is the Parousia Truth being reasserted? What are Satan's mouthpieces doing? How do they differ in their attacks? What will happen by the time the 60 Levite groups are formed? What has been done on this line by the Tower? The P.B.I. Herald? The Olsonites? The B.S.C. of Britain? The Adam-Rutherfordites? What have all groups of Levites done with the World's High Priest doctrine? What have individuals done herein?

(26) To what have these attacks led? Who even have taken part in this? What are some examples of this? What have individuals done in this respect? Who especially as to the Pyramid? Wherein has this been mainly done? Why? How has it fulfilled one of its professed missions? Accordingly, what has it been doing? How has it sought to make its expositions, proofs and refutations?



In what has it succeeded? By whose grace? Of what do and will its contents consists?

(27) How do some think of the author in this connection? What has been and is his attitude on controversy? Whose courses have gradually increased his readiness to enter these controversies? What parallel course of Satan marked the times after the death of the Apostles and that Servant? What effect did the knowledge of this have on the author? What other knowledge animates him? Why does he cry aloud and not spare? How do these things affect him? Who do not fault him? Who for the most part do fault him?

(28) What does such reassertion of the Parousia Truth prove to be? To whom? Why? What is the first reason for this? How do they think the sifters should be dealt with? What occasions them so to feel? What shows that they are illy advised on this subject? Who else are similarly affected? How does this course test the partisanship, servility and pride of some followers of Levite leaders? How does such reasserted Parousia Truth prove testful to swallowers of Truth and error?

(29) What other things in its presentation make it trialsome? Why? How does their leaders' stand affect others? Why? What parts of Scriptural forms of Truth in elaboration of Parousia Truth try others? How does the length of the Truth articles affect some? Why? What in The Present Truth tries some? Why? The absence of what feature of Truth work in the Epiphany people tries some? What two reasons make this trialsome? What attitudes toward the Parousia Truth by the few and the many test others? How is "fellowship" as affected by the downpour of Truth trialsome? How is the spirit of their having received the Parousia Truth tested by this downpour? What has this investigation proved the Parousia Truth to be in these Parables?

(30) What other Truth has been presented, as implied in the parables' rain? In what literature has it been presented? What is the Parousia Truth? The Epiphany Truth? Since when has the latter Truth come out? What similarity is there in the giving of both Truths by their respective messengers? Who is the source of both? What is the highest privilege of their messengers?

(31) What suggests the trialsomeness of the Epiphany



truths? What are the main ones of these? Which two of these are especially trialsome? What two time features as to consecrators are trialsome? What about this has been trialsome to the Faithful? Why has it been trialsome to the measurably unfaithful leaders? To their followers? What is the most testful feature of the Epiphany Truth? Why so to the Faithful? To the measurably unfaithful? How have they sought to evade its truthfulness? What are the main teachings so denied? How does the teaching as to the Priest's threefold work with Azazel's Goat affect them?

(32) Whose unpopularity makes this Truth trying to both classes? What should such unpopularity not occasion? Why not? What illustrations make this plain? In what change of work has this principle not changed? What follows from this? How does this affect the Epiphany messenger? What would follow, if he were not unpopular? What is this unpopularity to the two kinds of builders? What other thing is herein trialsome?

(33) What Epiphany teaching is one of the sorest tests? What does its presentation occasion? What wrong is thereby done? Why? What is overlooked by this course? What passage in this connection do they misapply? How do they treat it? When did our Lord return? What three stages of manifestation does it have? What manifestations take place in its first stage? Its second stage? Its third stage? What does this passage forbid in each of its stages? Before what? What does it command in each of its stages? After what? What could we therefore properly do after the pertinent manifestation in the Parousia? In the Epiphany? What must result from this procedure to those who apply to the Epiphany the form of prohibition that applies only before the Epiphany manifestations?

(34) What has heretofore been seen? Comparatively, how have these trials affected the two kinds of builders? What kind of an effect did they not have on the Faithful? What kind of an effect will they not have on them? Why not? As to the Parousia Truth? As to the Epiphany Truth? What results therefrom to the Faithful? What illustrates this?

(35) What contrasted effect does the downpour of Truth have? What five conditions make this effect set in?



What does this Truth find in those who build upon Sand? What proves the presence of these? What are the chief repudiated truths? What Truth do they reject almost entirely? How is it related to the Parousia Truth? What state of mind exists among crown-losers? In what circles especially? How does it act? Whose statement illustrates this state of mind? What was this statement in its particulars, giving each in its turn?

(36) In what capacities does this devastation go on? What results from this among the Truth groups? What group is an exception to this? What proves the truthfulness of this description? Even what class of Levites have experienced this devastation? What truth have the Kohathites without exception repudiated? What is their claim in this connection? What do the Scriptures teach on this subject? What proof texts show this? How do they show it? On what is the rejection of this truth based? Who else beside groups reject various Parousia truths? What kind of brethren often exemplify this? In what ways do they show their Parousia Truth rejections?

(37) What does the course of the repudiators fulfill? In what particular? However roofed, what are in the roofs of the houses built on sand? What do these prove to be? What does the rain do with them? What does it do with the attic's slats and plaster? What effect does this have on the plaster? On the carpet and furniture? What does the rain do with  this house's walls and paper? To what does this add? What effects does the repeated rain have on the house's lumber and air? What is a summary of the effects of the symbolic rain?

(38) In order among the testing means how does this rain stand? Of how many others does our text treat? To what conclusion does a careful examination of these tests lead? How does the Rock-foundationed house meet the tests? How does the Sand-foundationed house meet them? What under them is its final condition?

(39) What is the second means of testing the two houses? What kinds of floods are implied in the text? Of what do they consist? What will condition their color? Of what kind of waters do such floods not consist? What does pure, transparent water represent in Biblical symbols? Why? How is this shown in Rev. 21: 6; 22: 1, 2, 17?



Quote and explain this symbolic use of water in the other proof passages given in the paragraph under study. Of what other symbolic waters does the Bible treat? Where and how does it so do? What does Ezek. 34: 18, 19 suggest as to the flood waters of our text? Specifically, what is the second tester of the two houses? If this understanding is true, what should we expect to see about us?

(40) What do we see in this respect? What is Satan too shrewd to do? Why? On what is his hope of deceiving any of the Lord's people based? Among whom else does he use this method? What do we accordingly see? Whom does Satan use as his agents in such deception and by what methods? What printed and oral means does Satan use herein? What are these doing to all new creatures? What is not the character of all the Tower articles? What is also in them? Especially in whose writings? What attempt is continually made therein?

(41) Read in turn and comment on each one of the many errors cited in this paragraph as coming from J.F. Rutherford's pen. Of what are these errors a selection? What do these prove as to fouled waters?

(42) Through what other channel do fouled waters flow? What erroneous interpretations do they give on Revelation? What special illustration applies here? What erroneous interpretations do they give on Daniel? What false chronology do they give? What does this disable them from doing? What special dates for noted events do they reject? What do they tentatively give as the date of the Harvest's beginning and ending? What disproves this thought? What effect do these errors have on their attitude toward the Pyramid? What books do they reject almost entirely and what one partly? What error on the World's High Priest do they teach? On corporations as to the Church's organization? On the last related acts of Elijah and Elisha? On that Servant? What do these errors prove of the P.B.I. leaders?

(43) On what lines of thought have the Olsonites gone astray? Zion - Messengerites? Adam - Rutherfordites? Standfasts? Elijah Voice Society? Eagleites? Bolgerites? What others have introduced errors among the Truth People? Who else? What prominent brother who has done good work has added to this error? What other



more or less prominent brethren have advanced error? Even who else has done this? What other means do some use to spread error? Where is this error seen? How is it in comparison with former times? In what, for example?

(44) What does St. Paul say is the source of such errors? Why do most of those who presume to address the general Church have no right to do so? What brothers violate this arrangement? What do they thereby become? Despite what do they continue their usurpations? In what has this resulted? Whose warning example should have deterred them? What lack and what evil in them effected their power-grasping? What even did not restrain them?

(45) What are the floods doing with the two houses? How contrastedly? What qualities open the Faithful to these tests? How does each one do this? What do these qualities ultimately do for them? At most what do these trials effect in them? From what are they delivered? What can the flood waters not do to them? Why not? What can and what cannot these flood waters do to them? Through what and by whom are they sustained?

(46) When did some of these get their deliverance? How in point of time are others delivered? What will the Lord not allow to happen to any of the Faithful? Throughout the trial what will the Faithful experience? What passage applies to his comfort and stay? In what Psalm is his security promised?

(47) What other house is tested by the floods? What difference do they manifest? Why? What are some of the 13 things in the crown-losers responsible for this? What do the floods accordingly do with their house?

(48) Who are prominent examples of those injured by the floods? In what four lines of teachings have they gone wrong? Who furnish other prominent examples of such? On what two special lines of thought do these go wrong? Who form a third set of such? In what three respects have they gone wrong? Who form a fourth group? In what four respects have they gone wrong? Who form a fifth group? In what three respects have they gone wrong? Who form a sixth group? In what respects have they gone wrong? What flood water is rising in Germany, Poland and Switzerland among



many P.B.I. adherents? Who is letting this flood water loose? Who gave the impetus to this error? How?

(49) Who else is responsible for opening the flood gates of error? What in them makes them amenable for such work? What is the process of their development into error teachers? What Scripture proves this of them? How does it prove this? Who is on the watch for such? What does he do to win them for his purposes? Who ultimately is the source of this flood?

(50) What effect do these flood waters have on the house built on the Sand? In the picture and the thing pictured forth what are the first and second effects of such flood waters? What is the third effect in the picture in the thing pictured? The fourth and fifth effect?

(51) What was the third means of testing the two houses? What kind of winds were they not? Why? What kind must they be? What does wind in the Bible symbolize? How is this shown in 1 Kings 19: 11? In Rev. 7: 1? In Ps. 48: 7? Read and explain this use of the word in the other cited passages.

(52) What were not these symbolic winds? Why not? To what do the text's winds refer? What kind of wars are these? Against whom are they waged? What special two things do they require? How does our Pastor designate them? What proves that these are the wars referred to in our text? What things do we know of them by experience? Under what condition does the warfare often go on? What does it finally manifest?

(53) On what do the winds mainly act as a test? How did we build character? On what do the rain and floods mainly act as tests? How did we build the faith structure? What, accordingly, is tested in this symbolic house? How varyingly? Accordingly, what kind of tests should we expect to see? What are our spiritual battles? What do experience and observation on this head reveal? How do our times compare with others as to temptations? What conditions make them so? What does sin now do? Satan? In what does this result?

(54) On what do these temptations act? Who have had similar experiences? On what kind of qualities do they act? What does this make necessary? What qualities make one prone to temptation? What qualities will



suppress and destroy evil characteristics? If these do not do these things, what will result? When only will we be victorious? Why does the Lord allow such temptations? Who only will overcome them? What enables them to gain the victory? How will they come out of this warfare? Of what can the Faithful give testimony? What two things enable them to gain the victory?

(55) How do things stand contrastedly with the crown- losers? What do they lack? Why? What are in their characters? In what measure, contrasted with the graces? How do their temptations find them? How do their temptations affect them? In what three conditions do they varyingly live? What is a summary of their experiences? What is Brother Wise's testimony in this connection? On what did he lay the responsibility for pertinent Society conditions? What was the pertinent expression of a certain Society sister? What accounts for the works of the flesh,  the devil and the world among crown-losers?

(56) What will help clarify the experiences connected with the symbolic winds? Illustrate this by the experiences of the three British managers. By the Society's special representative who dealt with them. By J.F. Rutherford's seeking extra-charter powers as president. By another brother's attitude toward the presidency.

(57) How did J.F.R. act when a supposed rival as teacher and executive appeared? When tested as to subjection to  the Board? How did another act amid the temptations of the resultant conditions? What manifestation was made as to

J.F. Rutherford amid these experiences?

(58) How was faithfulness amid the temptations of the separation rewarded? How did this test Menta Sturgeon? In what two respects? Like whom under similar conditions did he act? What was the outcome of the temptation to him and to another? What two trials came to members of the Fort Pitt Committee? What temptations accompanied them? How were they met by the involved persons?

(59) What can each builder do as to these symbolic wars? What near and ultimate effects do the winds have on the Faithful? On the unfaithful? Like to which builder is each of us? What will surely reveal it?