Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (epiphany) of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13

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camp and rostrum, and still others in vice and crime, and he has seen to it that they were fitted for these roles by heredity, training, experience, environment and contacts. What variety of character was thus produced! Some quite elevated and noble, others much degraded and base. How could it have been otherwise, if Satan was to make an empire having subjects of such physical, mental, moral and religious contrasts? He pursued this principle in every variation of his empire—among savages, heathen, Moslems, Jews and Nominal Christians. No wonder that alongside of every evil word and work and every species of depravity and degradation we find excellent mental, moral and religious heights for fallen man reached among some of the citizens of Satan's empire. These stand out as beacon lights in the dark night of sin and error that characterize Satan's empire and rule. It is indeed a kingdom of darkness, despite the few stars that pierce through the clouds and gloom of its night.

And all this has been done to keep people in subjection to Satan's will and rule. Such agents, as reinforcers of the rulers, clergy and aristocrats, who have been his empire's earthly officers, have been necessary, to assist in keeping subject to him the masses of the people. These educators and scholars were needed to make plausible the political and non-political, the religious and non-religious and the aristocratic and non-aristocratic theories of Satan's kingdom, in order to keep the masses in subjection to those theories. The leaders in Satanic art and philosophy were needed to give such forms to the masses' tastes for beauty and utility, and to give such theories on the nature of things to the masses reasoning on fact and thought, as would make them Satan's slaves from these standpoints. Satan's military leaders performed such exploits as captivated the imagination and spoils-hunger of the multitude. His orators were needed to blind his subjects by their blending of sophistry and entertaining



powers. His leaders in vice have been well adapted to corrupt hordes of careless women to prostitution and vast multitudes of weak men to the patronage of that horrible institution. The same remark in principle applies to the vices centering in foods, intoxicants and drugs, as it is also seen exemplified in the leaders and the led of criminal life. Satan made leaders for every sin and every iniquity, varied according to its nature and his pertinent design therewith. And he carried through these designs to the ever increased degradation and degeneration of his subjects, until as their executioner he brought them down to the death state; his has been the power of darkness and death (Eph. 6: 12; Heb. 2: 14).


One of his main purposes, though a negative one, was to turn away and keep turned away the better people from God, as well as to make Him appear so repulsive that the better minds among the people would not desire fellowship with Him. Of course this could not be done by giving them correct views of God; for such make Him appear as the most attractive and lovable Being, which in reality he certainly is. Therefore to turn away and to keep turned away from God the better minds and hearts among mankind, Satan has continually misrepresented God to them. Hence, he has most terribly caricatured the Divine character, which is supremely appreciable in its perfect blending and domination of wisdom, justice, love and power; and has made it appear as the height of folly, injustice, lovelessness and weakness (2 Cor. 4: 4). He grossly caricatured His person, making it appear in the most unbiblical and unreasonable form of creedal trinitarianism. He so greatly misrepresented His plan by a combination of truth and error, wisdom and folly, practicability and impracticability, design and accident, effort and failure, power and weakness, love and hatred, justice and injustice, as to baffle the ignorant, grieve the righteous and repel the thoughtful. He has



made His works appear as expressions of tyranny, cruelty, weakness, wickedness, ruthlessness and implacability. Thus has he maligned, blasphemed, misrepresented and caricatured the Lord in His person, character, plan and works. All this to turn mankind away from the Truth of God and to debase them unto himself, his purposes and his spirit.


But his special targets have been God's faithful people. Truly, indeed, has the prophetic word been fulfilled, that enmity would exist between the woman—the Sarah Covenant: the Little-Flock-developing Truth and its servants—and her seed—the faithful Christ—on the one hand, and Satan and his seed—the godless and unfaithful— on the other hand. Thus for the Truth servants' loyalty to the Truth in the Old Testament, he greatly persecuted them, as the history of the Ancient Worthies, briefly summed up in Heb. 11, shows. But his spleen has been specially poured out against "the saints and martyrs of Jesus" during the Gospel Age, all of whom he first of all sought to seduce from their loyalty, and, failing therein, instigated against them unrelenting and cruel persecution.


This spleen, therefore, showed itself against these during the Jewish Harvest, in which he persecuted all of them and oppressed their leaders in almost every case even unto a violent death. Thus he dealt with Jesus and all of the Twelve, except John, though he persecuted the latter only short of death. Similarly he treated lesser lights in the Apostolic Church, as well as persecuted the rank and file of the saints at that time. It was then also that he started the pagan persecutions against them, using Nero, the Roman Emperor, to wage the first of the ten Pagan Roman persecutions. Roman emperors and their subordinates intermittently for nearly 250 years in these ten persecutions cruelly tormented and did to death in manifold ways "the saints and martyrs of Jesus." But Satan's heyday of persecution, as it was also the heyday of



his power, was the period of papal power, from 539 to 1799. During this period, especially through the inquisition, crusades and wars, the papacy, as the chief part of Satan's empire on earth, wrought the most cruel and torturous deaths on members of the Woman's Seed ever recorded in history. While public opinion no longer allows Satan to go to the extremes of persecution that marked the Dark Ages, he uses as much venom against the faithful as is possible for him to employ; and thus is fulfilled the saying, "All who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution" (2 Tim. 3: 12). Their taking God's side and thus menacing Satan's order of affairs is, of course, the reason for the adversary's wrath against them.


Satan's opposition to God's people dates from the days of Abel, whose piety as against Cain's envy and hatred (1 John 3: 12), aroused Satan to instigate Cain to murder him. Subtle indeed were his attacks upon God's Old Testament people. Noah had to endure the ridicule of the antediluvians aroused against him by Satan. Abraham had all sorts of assaults made upon his faith by Satan, in an attempt to overthrow him. The more peaceable Isaac had his difficulties because of Satan's oppositions. The more aggressive Jacob had a life full of troubles due to Satanic working. We all know of his greatly harassing job and Joseph by sore calamities and contradiction of sinners against themselves (Job 1: 6-12; 2: 3-7). The life of Moses is full of instances of Satan's nagging and picking at him through wicked individuals and murmuring and ungrateful multitudes. To a smaller degree we see the same things operating in the lives of Aaron and Joshua. All the judges, especially Samson and Samuel, were objects of Satan's spleen. David is perhaps the most conspicuous example of Satan's persecuting spirit against God's Old Testament servants. By Saul's relentless and groundless seeking of his life, by his sons' (through Satanic manipulation) making his domestic



life miserable and by Satan's dogging his personal and rulership qualities into mistakes and sins and arousing domestic and foreign wars and individual hatreds and treasons against him, David was certainly terribly set on by the adversary (1 Chro. 21: 1). The same principle was acted out by Satan toward all other pious rulers of Israel, their inspired prophets and their less prominent godly people. When we consider Hezekiah and Josiah, Elijah and Jeremiah, Daniel and the three Hebrew youths, the pious of the days of the Maccabees and last, but not least, John the Baptist, we see in their experiences the same persistent dogging and persecution of God's people on the part of Satan. Like Joshua, the high priest, they always had Satan at their right hand to resist them (Zech. 3: 1, 2).


When our Lord came, to be the Head of the Woman's Seed, Satan recognized His uniqueness and resolved to make the supreme effort of his history to overthrow Him. He began this through instigating Herod to do away with him. As Jesus grew into a youth Satan sought to inveigle Him into sin and to sectarianize Him as a disciple of one of the Jewish sects, in which also he failed, resulting in Jesus' attaining His majority perfect, physically, mentally, morally and religiously. But the time for Satan's special attacks upon our Lord was after His Spirit-begettal. These were first launched against Him during the forty days that He spent in the wilderness, immediately after His baptism (Matt. 4: 1-11; Mark 1: 13; Luke 4: 1-13). Three of these temptations are especially described in the passages just cited. By these Satan sought to tempt Him to gain wrongfully governmental power ("all these kingdoms will I give Thee, if Thou fall down and worship [submit Yourself to] me"), religious power ("cast Thyself down from the pinnacle [gain by faker and sensational methods religious influence over the multitude]") and capitalistic power ("command these stones to become bread [use



Your miraculous powers to enrich Yourself now with food, later with other earthly good things]"). We pointed out above that by these three temptations Satan sought to inveigle our Lord sinfully into the positions into which he had inveigled the leaders of the three departments of his empire. But in these things Satan failed. Leaving our Lord for awhile, he later returned again to his work of seeking to draw Him into sin. Sometimes he operated directly on our Lord's heart and mind by appealing suggestions (Luke 22: 28; Heb. 4: 15); and sometimes he did it by appealing to Him through His fleshly relatives (John 7: 3-5; 2: 4; Matt. 12: 46-50), through His disciples (Matt. 16: 21-23), through the multitude (John 6: 15), through His opponents (Luke 11: 16; Matt. 19: 3; John 8: 6), through the rulers (John 18: 33-37; 19: 8 12; Luke 23: 8-11) and through His sufferings (Heb. 2: 18). But none of Satan's efforts could shake Him. The most that Satan could thereby effect was to afflict Him ("bruise His heel"). Here Satan met from every standpoint a complete defeat; for he could in nowise influence our Lord into sin, error, selfishness or worldliness. Our Lord conquered Satan!


In principle Satan has met the same kind of a defeat with the rest of the Woman's Seed. It is true that some who have been given the opportunity to become of this Seed have been completely overthrown by Satan's opposition to them, either through their flesh or through the world, and have become wholly his—the Second Death class. It is also true that some others favored with the same opportunity have been so largely, though not totally, overthrown by Satan that they have made shipwreck of membership in the Seed, viz., the Great Company class. But it is also true that there have been others who, while not perfect in every respect as their Lord was, did, despite all Satanic opposition and temptation, maintain their loyalty—were faithful unto death (Rev. 2: 10)—and thus maintained



their membership in the Seed. Satan, as with our Lord, has tempted them at every point, and though he often made them hobble—bruised their heel—he could not undermine their faithfulness. To accomplish it he has sought every form of alluring temptation and every forbidding form of opposition from every available instrument of affliction; but he has failed with these. More powerful than they, he would have conquered them, except that Jesus, having Himself suffered, being tempted, knew how to succor them amid their temptations and bring them victorious out of their trials (Heb. 2: 18; 1 Cor. 10: 13). Thus with these he has failed, though by every power of the world, the flesh and the fallen angels, he has sought to gain the victory, along lines of alluring them into sin, error, selfishness and worldliness (Eph. 6: 11, 12; Rom. 8: 35-39). While all of these have not yet completely overcome, it will not be very long now until they will overcome in their last member; and though made by Satan to hobble along by his bruising their heel, the Seed, that will under its feet bruise Satan's head, inflict a mortal wound, will soon have been fully won and prepared. All of the facts given in the last few paragraphs certainly prove Satan to be an enemy, his name's meaning, to God's people.


Satan has exercised considerable cunning in seducing the race and the fallen angels into sin. He has exercised even more cunning in keeping the race subject to his will. But his greatest cunning is expended in his efforts to seduce God's servants into disloyalty to the Lord and the principles of His government, which they have espoused in becoming God's servants. Satan is a very expert psychologist. Next to the Lord nobody understands human nature more thoroughly than he. Especially expert has he become in understanding how to play on human lacks, weaknesses, faults and perversions, so as to manipulate men into captivity at his will (2 Tim. 2: 26). He counts much



on human ignorance, as giving him an opportunity to supply false knowledge, so that by error he may deceive people into following his will. He also takes advantage of man's impaired reasoning powers, to palm off on him plausible sophistries as truths, especially in turning him aside from the Truth. He uses man's depraved tastes and desires as motives to stir him up to wrong. Especially has he appealed to the combative and destructive propensities in man, to stir him up against his fellow man. The party spirit is another motive that he uses markedly to work his will among men. This enables him to prompt people to fight over the extremes of error, in order that the Truth that lies between them may be forgotten.


To everyone he offers a different dish, according as it is likely to appeal to his appetite. He, therefore, works on the superstition of one and on the unbelief of another. Here he appeals to the too optimistic, there to the discouraged and the despairing. Here to the irresoluteness of the one, there to the too great tenacity of the other. To the unpersevering he offers obstacles to stop them; to the too persevering he gives tasks requiring great continuity in wrong. To the impious he gives plenty of opportunity to show their enmity to God; and to the thoroughly pious he offers diversions to undermine their piety. To those who lack equal love to the neighbor he gives all sorts of experiences that harden them in their unneighborliness; and to the neighborly he gives experiences of loss, ingratitude and injustice from their neighbors, to ruin their neighbor-love. To the uncharitable he gives suggestions and experiences that tend to make selfish; and with the loving he, by contrary experiences, seeks to crush charity out of their hearts. To the proud he appeals to lead him into more arrogance; the lowly he seeks to crush utterly; while he seeks to pervert the remainder in humility to one or the other of the extremes just mentioned. He makes vanity and ostentation appeal to



one, and sensitiveness to crush another. One he spoils by love of luxury and ease, another by driving him to extremes of asceticism and restlessness. He seeks to make the lover of life to be self-sparing, and the disparagers of life suicides. So, too, does he, according to his design, play on man's anger and longsuffering, covetousness and liberality, hypocrisy and candor, hatred and forbearance, intemperance and temperance, ignorance and knowledge, error and truth, patriotism and unpatriotism, love of home and dislike of home, friendships and enmities, family loves and family indifferences, and love for the opposite sex and indifference toward the opposite sex. Thus with cunning, variously adapted to the differences of the individuals and groups to whom he appeals, he seeks to make them all fall into the differing snares that he lays for their capture. And, alas, the vast bulk are entrapped by him! Only the faithful escape his traps and pitfalls. His cunning in these ways is shown in such Scriptures as the following: Luke 22: 31; Acts 13: 10; 1 Cor. 7: 5; 2 Cor. 2: 11; 11: 3, 14, 15; Eph. 2: 2; 6: 11, 12, 16; 1 Thes. 3: 5; 1 Tim. 3: 6, 7; 1 Pet. 5: 8, 9; 1 John 5: 18.


The Bible assures us that as in the time of the end Satan's powers will be waning, he will resort to all the greater deceptions (Mark 3: 26; Matt. 12: 26; 2 Thes. 2: 9). Since 1799, when the Time of the End began, the Lord has been pouring an ever increasing amount of light upon the kingdom of darkness, which as a result has compelled Satan to stir up such a multitude of deceptions as never before in history has had even a remote likeness. These deceptions in the religious sphere started in 1835, through the writings of such skeptics as Baur, Strauss and Vatke. And from that time on there has been a veritable deluge of error and erroneous movements unprecedented in human history. Here belong the thousand and one isms, schisms, schools, tendencies, parties, movements, cults, factions, etc.,



with which our times teem, in state, church, capital, labor, society, industry, business, finance, education, learning, literature, art, science, etc. Surely we have among these movements "the working of Satan with all power, signs and lying wonders" (2 Thes. 2: 9). And the Lord has been working amid these things and through them unto the disintegration of the solidarity of Satan's empire, first as a unit, and since 1914 for its destruction as a thing. And these many wild waves of confusion are a sure evidence that Satan's kingdom is waning (Matt. 12: 26); for amid these multitudinous movements of error our Lord has been shedding such a brightness of exposing truths, and He has contemporaneously with them been giving such an abundance of constructive truth, as are breaking up Satan's hold on mankind. As a result Satan and his subordinate fallen angels are driven to utmost extremities of perplexity and confusion, since the situation of world control has gotten beyond their power and direction. In a word, Satan's empire over mankind is on the verge of utter collapse, and that because our present Lord is taking over the kingdom of this world as His own.


Above a general view of Satan and his empire was sketched as preliminary to a description of the latter's destruction. We now proceed to set forth such a description. According to the Bible our Lord Jesus and His glorified Church, acting as The Christ, will be Jehovah's primary agency in accomplishing its overthrow, though many human agencies will co-operate to this end (Dan. 12: 1; Rev. 17: 14; 19: 11-21). We are not to think that Jehovah has been an unconcerned observer of the ruthless reign of Satan over the human family. His love for our fallen race prevented such unconcern (John 3: 16). Even before that reign began He prepared a Plan for its overthrow. One feature of this Plan is to keep Satan's activities within certain metes and bounds, while God prepares The Christ and



His supporters to become His agency for the overthrow of Satan's empire. To those ignorant of that Plan it could not but appear that Satan has hitherto been winning. His victory, however, has been only a seeming one. Actually, every feature of God's Plan, so far due, has been fulfilling with unfailing precision and success, despite every effort of Satan to thwart it. Even in his opposition to Jesus and His Faithful has Satan's seeming success been a defeat for him; for his opposition furnished Jesus and His Church such experiences as have better enabled them to oppose and overcome him in their hearts, and thus to develop characters fitting them for the work, in due time, of overthrowing his empire, of establishing God's Kingdom, and of ruling over the human race for its uplift to perfection. Thus God's Plan purposes that the wrath of Satan as well as the wrath of man shall surely praise Him, and that He will restrain the remainder of wrath (Ps. 76: 10).


Even since the Fall of 1874, the human family has entered into a new epoch, characterized by the most unusual enlightenment, movements, events and changes of all history. We believe that this enlightenment and these movements, events and changes are more or less connected with the overthrow of Satan's empire. We can better visualize matters if we keep in mind the Scriptural figure of The Christ—Head and Body—coming forth as an army, whose Commander is the Lord Jesus, to attack Satan's empire (Rev. 17: 14; 19: 11-21). The weapon that He uses is a "sword that proceedeth out of His mouth" (Rev. 19: 15, 21). Certainly no sane person would contend for the proposition that this is a literal sword. It evidently means the Truth on secular and religious subjects (Is. 49: 2; Hos. 6: 5; Eph. 6: 17; Heb. 4: 12; Rev. 1: 16; 2: 12, 16). And how appropriate to the Prince of Peace it is to use such a sword, as how inappropriate it would be for Him to use a literal sword; yea, by reason of the



contrast how appropriate to Him is the Sword of Truth as a weapon of warfare in a conflict with an empire whose weapon is untruth, and whose ruler is "the father of lies"! (John 8: 44; 2 Cor. 4: 4.) It is even so; for the "Truth is mighty and shall prevail" in the war of The Christ upon Satan's empire. In this war Christ is making an attack with secular and religious Truth upon the ignorance that Satan has fostered, and upon the errors that Satan has spread. However, the most particular objects of His attack with the Sword of Truth are the three foundation doctrines of Satan's empire—(1) The Divine Right of kings, (2) the Divine Right of aristocrats, and (3) the Divine Right of clerics— and the three supporting doctrines of Satan's empire—(1) the consciousness of the dead, (2) the transformation of the dead into spirits, and (3) the bliss or torture of these spirits. Additionally the Lord Jesus is spreading the Truth on other secular and religious subjects, arousing more opposition to Satan's empire of error and wrong.


Of course, we are not to understand that our Lord has visibly appeared attacking ignorance, error and wrong with the Truth; rather, we are to understand that He is in an educational and natural way opening the eyes of people to see the Truth along all lines of human thought. Thus He is not only giving us Truth on the Bible and on other religious subjects, not previously seen, but also on secular subjects He is bringing forth the light. This has resulted in our generation becoming much more enlightened than previous generations. Great increase of knowledge is spreading among the people on art, science, philosophy, history, law, government, rulers, political economy, sociology, capital, commerce, aristocracy, labor, production, distribution, wealth, poverty, non-employment exploitation, wages, profits, loses, special privileges, political elections and parties, human rights, health, inequality, etc. (Dan. 12: 4). With all this enlightenment the



question of right and wrong, as it applies especially to the common people, and to classes and nations in their various relations, is continually being thrust upon the attention of people everywhere. The Lord Jesus is using a thousand instrumentalities to bring the Truth on these subjects to the attention of the people. Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, booklets, books, lecture platforms, political parties, reform movements, labor organizations, clubs, societies, conversations, discussions, scientific laboratories, investigation commissions, courts, detective agencies, etc., are only a few of the many channels through which the Lord is causing the rising flood of Truth to flow to the people. Like the Statue of Liberty, Truth is holding up the torch of knowledge to the mariners sailing over life's dark and stormy main, as they are approaching the land of light and righteousness after passing over the stormy sea of human sin and error.


Many of our Lord's attacks upon Satan's empire consist of His exposing by the light of Truth the deeds of darkness committed by the three departments of Satan's empire— oppressive governments, predatory aristocracies, and false religious systems. Additionally these exposures have undermined the foundation and supporting errors of Satan's empire, and thereby have shaken that empire itself. Above we showed what is meant by the three doctrines of the Divine Right.


Every one of these three doctrines is erroneous, and the practice of them has produced the terrible violations of the Golden Rule and the cruel wrongs against the Lord's saints with which the history of Christendom is replete. When we view the acts that have flowed as a logical consequence from the doctrines of the Divine Right of state, church and aristocracy, we will readily recognize the erroneousness of these doctrines and the sins of those holding and practicing them. The following is a partial list of the wrongs resulting from the doctrine of the Divine Right of



kings: claims of unjust "prerogatives," gross oppression of their subjects, ruthless and cruel suppression of rivals, real and imaginary, the rule of might as against right, unjust and cruel wars, robbery of one another's territory and subjects, national hatred, revenge, envy, suspicion, etc., violation of the rights of other nations, violation and repudiation of solemn and binding treaties, support of false religions, union of governments and special religions, persecution of religious dissenters, debauchery and exploitation of weaker nations, traffic in human slavery, favoritism of the classes as against the masses, gross hypocrisy, dishonest and selfish diplomacy, etc., etc. The following is a partial list of the wrongs resulting from the doctrine of the Divine Right of the aristocracy: exploitation, slavery, serfdom, legal technicalities, evasions, delays and violations, frauds, dishonesty, special privilege, monopolies, the manufacturing of financial and military panics and wars, indifference to the masses, gambling, wanton luxury and waste, unfair and destructive competition, corruption of politics, morals and government, support of oppressive and persecuting governments, etc., etc.


The following is a partial list of the wrongs resulting from the doctrine of the Divine Right of the clergy: priestcraft, pride, intolerance, hypocrisy, superstition, error, persecution of dissenters, blasphemy of the Divine Person, Character, Plan and Works, sanction of the wrongs of rulers and aristocrats, union of religions and states, secularization of religion, fomenting wars and national hatreds, rivalries, distrust and revenge, destruction of real religion, etc. Every one of the above-mentioned acts is a violation of the Golden Rule, professedly accepted by the Rulers, Aristocrats and Clergy, rests under Divine disapproval and is a demonstration of the falsity of the doctrine of the Divine Right of these. From 1874 onward has our Lord been progressively exposing to the public through



His amenable agents these flagrant sins against the Golden Rule by the Rulers, Aristocrats and Clerics; and by these exposures He has proven beyond peradventure that the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings, Aristocrats and Clergy is untrue; consequently the people on all hands are repudiating these doctrines, and are casting off the shackles of obedience required by the classes who seek to enforce that doctrine.


Along with the overthrowal of the people's confidence in these foundation doctrines of Satan's empire—the Divine Right of rulers, aristocrats and clerics—the Lord Jesus has been undermining their faith in the three supporting doctrines of Satan's empire—the consciousness of the dead, the transformation of people at death into spirits and the bliss or torment of these spirits. This He has done especially from a Biblical standpoint through able and devout students of the Scriptures, though science and reason have also co-operated in undermining belief in these three supporting errors of Satan's empire.


The Lord's undermining the confidence of millions of people in the foundation and the supporting doctrines of Satan's empire has been accompanied by another of His works—His revealing to mankind everywhere a series of truths underlying men's relations to one another governmentally, morally, socially, religiously, commercially, economically, and industrially—truths that in not a few particulars fundamentally contradict the notions on these subjects that Satan's empire has spread and reduced to laws or established usages. This double work of our Lord, in harmony with His object in making His kind of an attack on the kingdom of darkness, has produced an intense dissatisfaction with the theories, practices and departmental organizations of Satan's empire among many millions, especially throughout Christendom. Naturally enough this dissatisfaction has in the main seized upon those who have suffered most, and who



have been advantaged least by the arrangements of Satan's empire—the masses. On the hand, these exposures of the wrong-doing of the privileged classes, as well as their desire to advantage themselves increasingly by the many scientific discoveries that the Lord in this "the Day of His preparation" has brought to light, have made these privileged classes more determined to perpetuate present conditions. Thus we find from shortly after 1874, as a result of our Lord's exposing and truth-revealing work, human society began to divide itself into two well-defined and mutually opposed classes. One of these two classes consisted of the Conservatives—the rulers, aristocrats and clerics, with their supporters—who desired, because it was to their advantage, to maintain what—unknown to them— is actually Satan's empire. The other of these two classes consisted of the Radicals—Trade-Unionists, Socialists, Communists and Anarchists, with their supporters—who desired, because it was to their advantage, to set aside what—unknown to them—is actually Satan's empire. The differences between these two groups were growing ones, as from 1874 onward year after year witnessed new exposures of wrong-doing on the part of the privileged classes and as new flashes of truth on human conditions and rights aroused the masses.


The conflict between Labor and Capital became the overshadowing one between the masses and the classes. At first the friction between Capital and Labor was a wordy one, each side setting forth its real or fancied rights and grievances, and the other's real or fancied wrong-doings. But the conflict did not remain simply a wordy one. On the part of Labor, it at times proceeded to strikes, intimidation, riots, incendiarism and boycotts; on the part of Capital it at times proceeded to lock-outs, injunctions, evictions, employment of strike-breakers and armed guards, and calls on government officials for state and national military support;



and on both sides it sometimes proceeded to actual battles, with many casualties on each side. Birds of a feather flocking together, the three conservative parties usually supported one another against the Radicals, and vice versa. This led to each side becoming more and more set against one another in their efforts to win out. The advantage usually being with Capital, supported, as it usually was, by State and Church, the Radicals became more and more embittered against the present order. They increasingly agitated for a complete change in the body politic, but differed sharply as to what kind of a change was desired. While they could not agree as to a definite program of procedure, more and more a revolutionary bent was taken on by the more radical of the Radicals. Revolution against the present order thus became their program of immediate action, though they could not unite on a program of reconstruction after the revolution. With revolutionary agitations there came an increase of Class consciousness and antagonism. The nerves of people generally were severely tensed, and almost anything destructive was feared by the Conservatives as coming from the Radicals.


Satan was no indifferent spectator of this conflict, which he promptly recognized threatened the continuance of his chosen order of affairs. Its overthrow, if preventable, of course he would not permit; nor would he permit changes contrary to his general order; but he would offer compromises to conciliate the masses. He therefore sought to effect a reconciliation, by offering some concessions from the Classes to the Masses in the latter's interest, especially in some European states, along socialistic lines. To this end he aroused a number of Reformers to activity. These denounced the more patent abuses of the Conservatives, urged upon Capital and State the necessity of making concessions to Labor and of restricting the power of the State and Aristocracy, and preached to



Labor obedience to and contentment with law and order. The sum-total of the Reformers' achievements, however, was small indeed. The breach between the Radicals and Conservatives became ever wider. A Revolution subversive to Satan's chosen order of affairs was imminent. Satan was determined to prevent it; and not only so, but also at the same time to bring the Conservatives and Radicals in each country into one camp, fighting for the maintenance of his order as it existed in each European country, by making its inhabitants believe that other nations were, by aggression in warfare, seeking its national destruction. If he could fill the inhabitants of each country with the fear that their nation and institutions were in danger of destruction, he felt satisfied that he could arouse in each country practically all its people to fight the invader. This plan was pivoted on the thought that the Conservatives and Radicals in each country would forget their mutual antagonisms in the presence of their supposed common danger, and thus would stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of their country and its institutions against the supposed threatened destruction from the invader. This plan also had as one of its features a world-wide war, whose dangers would drive the divided Conservatives and Radicals of each country into one camp, fighting, for their national existence against the invader or supposed invader seeking their national ruin.


But what could Satan make the excuse and the point of departure for the world-wide arming of the nations required as one of the features of his plot? The existence of the Triple Alliance, embracing Germany, Austria and Italy, furnished him this excuse and point of departure by giving him the materials for arousing the fears of other nations whom he stirred up through these fears to form a rival alliance—the Triple Entente, embracing Britain, Russia and France. The past experiences of these two sets of



powers with one another furnished them enough suspicions, rivalries, envies and grudges to make them quite hostile and obstructive to one another. Additionally, Satan saw to it that increased opportunities for arousing friction between them were not wanting. Finally the feeling between these two rival alliances became tensed to the snapping point. They lived, as it were, over a huge powder magazine, which only waited the lighting of a match to explode with devastating force. The perfidious murder of the Archduke of Austria and the rash decision of the German Kaiser furnished these conditions, and the greatest explosion of human history occurred—the World War of 1914-1918—to which Radicals and Conservatives in each country rallied in defense of native land and institutions against the threatened destruction, which the inhabitants of each country were led to believe their enemies sought. Doubtless the sins and follies of statesmen figured in the events leading up to the explosion; but back of them worked Satan, the Enemy of God and man, who used these as so many pawns in his game of ruling the nations. What cared Satan for the waste of mountains of human labor and treasure, and the shedding of rivers of human blood and tears, if by their expenditure he could conserve his empire! They were as nothing to him, if he could still continue his reign. Thus to sustain his own empire Satan took advantage of human sin and folly even to the extent of involving the world in the World War—the greatest calamity of all history—in order to divert the Radicals from their threatened overthrow of his order of affairs. If he had done no other wrong, this alone would stamp him as the worst criminal of all history.


But one may ask, How do we know that Satan plotted and brought about the World War, and that for the purpose of preserving his own ascendancy and his chosen order of affairs? We answer, a number



of reasons prove it: (1) He is the ruler of the present world, and of course such a gigantic event, involving as it did all of earth's nations, would not be without his ordering; (2) the condition and needs of his empire called for the diversion of the Radicals from their program of World Revolution, and this was accomplished by the war-accompanying propaganda in each country that the other side sought its national destruction; (3) the uniting of the Radicals and the Conservatives as one in each country for the purpose of preserving its national existence and order— so much needed by Satan's empire—directly resulting from the widely heralded dangers threatened by the war, is explainable on no other ground than such a purpose; (4) the fact that there was so much of devilish wrong and ingenuity that led up to and accompanied the war proves the same thought; and (5) the fact that humanity free of Satanic influence is not capable of committing many of the deeds enacted in the World War also proves the same.


Doubtless the Adversary knew that a modern war would weaken his empire; but he preferred a weakened empire to none. He invented through perverted human brains the horrible weapons and munitions of the World War, whose destructiveness doubtless convinced him that the war would be short. He especially used the Central Powers as his war agents, and therefore gave them the greater preparedness. And for a time it seemed that his plan in this respect would prosper in the speedy defeat of the Allies. However, in this case the devil proposed and God disposed. God's longsuffering with Satan was exhausted by the latter's ruthlessness in plunging the race into the horrors of the World War. To Satan's ruthlessness God opposed a "so far, and no farther." He caught the crafty Satan in his own craftiness, determining that He would make his atrocious deed the turning point of his evil empire. Satan's crime against



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