Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (epiphany) of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13


and 1924 (in this chapter) were very closely fulfilled.


Here follows the antitype of Elijah's writing, usually called Elijah's Letter. It will be seen that it is drawn up in the form of questions beginning with the words, Do you know:


Do you know that, next to Israel during the Jewish Age, America has been the object of Jehovah's favor more than any other nation?


Do you know that the Bible in one of its prophecies addresses America—We quote the Improved Version's rendering of the verse: "Ho [not "woe" as the A. V. renders it], land of shadowing wings [land of God's special providential protection], which is beyond [west of] the rivers of Ethiopia [the then most westerly known country]"—in language that indicates its being a special object of Divine care and blessing? Is. 18: 1.


Do you know that America's history demonstrates that of all modern nations, it has been the one most favored by God in material, social, international, civil, political and religious respects?


Do you know that the special favor of God upon America has been due to the fact that America's principles of human liberty in harmony with the law and of human equality before the law, believed in and acted out by Americans generally as the fundamental principles of Democracy, more nearly than the principles underlying any other form of government express God's highest ideal of the principles that should underlie government, as can be clearly seen in God's making these principles the expression of Israel's government between man and man under the Mosaic law; and as was exemplified in Israel's history until, rejecting God's highest ideal of government for them, they insistently demanded from, and were reluctantly given by, God a monarchical form of government?


Do you know that God has, not only in the Biblical prophecies, but also in the Biblical types, described



various qualities, acts and policies of the European nations and of America?


Do you know that in these types He has more especially represented the European nations as such by certain features of the kingdom of Israel, and America as such by certain features of the kingdom of Judah, when representing them as separate and distant from one another?


Do you know that in these particular types, He represented the European nations, in general, from the standpoints of three special forms of policy, by the House of Ahab—i.e., Ahab and his two sons, Ahaziah and Jehoram, whose histories are given with those of Elijah and Elisha in 1 Kings 16: 29—2 Kings 10: 28?


Do you know that Ahab represents Europe collectively acting out for many centuries the principles of Autocracy in co-operation with Aristocracy and Priestcraft?


Do you know that this is apparent, among other things, from the fact that Jezebel, the wife of Ahab, and the persecutor of Elijah and the Lord's other prophets, and the seducer of Israel to idolatry and other sins, is expressly named as a type of the Catholic Church, in union with the Autocratic States of Europe, persecuting the antitypical Elijah, the faithful servants and people of God, during the Gospel Age and misleading Christendom into various gross evils? (Rev. 2: 20-23; 17: 1-6; 18: 3, 9, 23; 19: 2, 3; Matt.

11: 14. See the English and the American Revised Versions).


Do you know that antitypical Ahab is now dead— European Autocracy is a thing of the past, dying through revolutions in Europe from 1789-1918, and by Autocrats being compelled to give the European peoples constitutions, the franchise, legislative assemblies, etc., in every European country? (1 Kings 22: 29-40).


Do you know that Ahaziah, Ahab's son and successor,



types the European nations individually acting in independence of one another, and consequently in national rivalries, envies, grudges, hatreds, suspicions, imperialisms, etc., etc., and that the conditions created by the World War have put an end to the separate independent action of European nations in international European affairs—that antitypical Ahaziah is also now dead? (2 Kings 1: 1-18).


Do you know that Jehoram, Ahab's son and Ahaziah's successor, types Europe acting as a concert of nations apart from Autocracy, and thus represents the European Concert, which has intermittently for more than a century been existing in many forms, among others, the Entente? (2 Kings 3: 1-27; 8: 25—9: 24).


Do you know that the fact that Elijah's activities affected almost the whole of Ahab's reign, covered the whole of the short reign of Ahaziah and reached at least into a part of Jehoram's reign, proves that antitypical Ahaziah's and Jehoram's activities were to occur toward the later part of antitypical Elijah's—the Church's—stay on earth, i.e., toward the end of the Gospel Age, in which the sign and time prophecies of the Bible prove we now are? (1 Kings 17: 1—2 Kings 2: 11).


Do you know that Asa, Jehoshaphat, Jehoram (sometimes called Joram) and Ahaziah, four of the kings of Judah, were successively on Judah's throne during the Ahab dynasty, in the ten-tribe Kingdom of Israel, and that as such, from certain standpoints, they typed the fact that four distinct lines of policy would be active in America toward Europe while the three lines of policy typed by Ahab, Ahaziah and Jehoram would be active in Europe? (1 Kings 16: 29; 22: 41; 2 Kings 8: 16, 25).


Do you know that the righteous Asa types America as a Democracy, acting free from all foreign, especially European, entanglements, while Autocracy was yet generally active in Europe, hence from about the



beginning of America's independence until the Civil War?


Do you know that the righteous Jehoshaphat, as active in 1 Kings 22: 41-53; 2 Kings 3: 7-27 (but not in 1 Kings 22: 1-40, where he types the late eighteenth and the nineteenth century Great Britain as an Aristocracy) types America as a Democracy benevolently intervening in European affairs in the World War, to make the World safe for Democracy and the Monroe Doctrine?


Do you know that in 2 Kings 3 Edom's king represents Conservative Labor; Moab's king, the Central Powers; his firstborn, Germany; Elisha, a secondary class of God's people; and his prophesying Israel's victory over Moab, their predicting under governmental inspection in 1918 the Allied victory?


Do you know that Jehoram of Judah types America as reactionary, measurably going back on the policies and activities typed by the righteous Asa and Jehoshaphat and taking up more or less of the ways of Europe as typed by the house of Ahab? (2 Kings 8: 18).


Do you know that we are Scripturally warranted in viewing Jehoram of Judah as typical, because his activities are connected with certain acts of Elijah, a Scripturally mentioned type of the Church—God's faithful people? (Rev. 2: 20; Matt. 11: 14; 2 Chro. 21: 12-15).


Do you know that America, as represented by Asa types, apart from the government in Israel before the Israelitish monarchy, the noblest, most righteous, most beneficent, and most glorious government ever instituted among men—a government of the people, for the people and by the people?


Do you know that the principles of human liberty in harmony with the law and of human equality before the law, cherished, defended and practiced in America, made America, as antitypical Asa, the nearest approach to God's ideal of human government ever



reached among men, apart from the Divinely-given ideal of Mosaic government in Israel?


Do you know that it was because America lived truer to these ideals than any other modern nation, that God made her His special ward among the modern nations, even as He did Judah under Asa, and that this accounts for His giving her independence from Britain, His freeing her from the destruction of the Napoleonic wars and from Europe's racial and national envies, rivalries, grudges, hatreds, revenges, suspicions, self-aggrandizements, imperialisms, etc. His bringing her safely as a nation, made wholly free, out of the trying experiences of the Civil War, His making her a beacon light to the nations, a refuge of the oppressed, a helper of the helpless, and a cornucopia to the industrious, and His favoring her with the headquarters and as the main field of activity for the greatest religious work ever carried on in this earth since the days of Christ? (Is. 18: 1-7).


Do you know that America, as a real Democracy, true to its principles—antitypical Jehosaphat—went into the World War to help the Allies, not as an ally, but as an associate, and to make the World safe for Democracy, humanly speaking, with clean hands and unselfish motives, which she maintained until about the end of the War; and that it was due to these facts that victory—snatched out of defeat—came to the Allies, who for their wickedness, would certainly have been defeated, and who would have been entirely disregarded by God and His Messenger, antitypical Elisha, except for God's favor upon America— antitypical Jehoshaphat? (2 Kings 3: 10-27).


Do you know that America, in some of her policies has of late years measurably and increasingly abandoned the practice of some of those principles of human liberty in harmony with, and of human equality before the law, with her consequent policy of isolation from Europe's peculiar affairs, policies and



spirit—principles and practices that characterized the first hundred years of America's policies following the promulgation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of America—two documents that easily rank first among all statements of human wisdom on governmental affairs for political welfare?


Do you know that additionally America has measurably and increasingly abandoned the practice, especially toward Europe, of those principles that moved her to enter the World War, i.e., to make the World safe for Democracy and to deal with Europe from a helpful and unselfish standpoint?


Do you know that it is evident that some present American policies—contrary to historic Americanism— have become Europeanized, from the fact that American governmental mouthpieces and representatives officially claim that as a result of the War, America has gained certain "rights and interests in certain European questions," and that therefore she must and does intervene in certain European affairs whenever these "rights and interests" are affected by Europe's policies, acts, conferences, treaties, commissions, etc., etc.?


Do you know that this measurably selfish, wrong and un-American course of intervening in European affairs was given a strong impetus when President Wilson formulated and advocated his fourteen points, helped formulate and advocated the League of Nations, participated in and sanctioned the "deals" written into the peace treaties, and in some ways involved America into participation in certain European affairs, which participation our changed administration, in spite of America's repudiation of what may be specifically called "Wilsonism," has not only not set aside, but insists both covertly and overtly America's interest require?


Do you know that such acts and claims were enough



to make Washington, Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln turn in their graves, if this were possible?


Do you know that such a course means the abandonment of certain Divinely pleasing American principles, for the advocacy and practice of which America has in multitudes of ways received as Divine rewards marvelous blessings from God?


Do you know that such a course implies America's measurable endorsement and acceptance of certain evil European policies, for the practice of which Europe's wickedness has been typed by the wicked practices of the house of Ahab?


Do you know that it would have been Divinely pleasing, had America at the end of the War abandoned all claims of "special interests and rights in certain European affairs," even including Europe's debt to us, rather than lose her standing of favor with God and go back on her honorable history and principles by compromising her Divinely approved principles and imbibing and practicing more or less of Europe's Divinely cursed policies, acts, and spirit— those of the antitypical House of Ahab—as a Divinely sent partial punishment, for which Europe is in her present plight, and as a Divinely sent full punishment, for which complete destruction shortly will overtake her, as she is now constituted, in the fast approaching great Revolution of prophecy? (1 Kings 21: 17-29; 2 Kings 9: 22—10: 11; Jer. 25: 29-33; Rev. 16: 18-20).


Do you know that the chief sins of Europe as the antitypical House of Ahab, center in and result from her Autocracy, in co-operation with Aristocracy and Priestcraft, her consequent persecution of God's Saints and exploitation and oppression of the Common People, her Imperialism and rivalrous Nationalism and Allianceism?


Do you know that most unfortunately, and inconsistently with the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and



the honorable and Divinely pleasing policy of our national Isolation, America has in certain acts followed the course of Europe in these respects?


Do you know that some of the acts of the previous Administration were so extremely autocratic that their thorough un-Americanism became intolerable and ended in complete repudiation at the polls by the largest majority ever cast in a national election, which proves that not Americans as such, but America's dominant statesmen, in not a few cases, are disloyal to "Americanism," which has had God's approval manifested in multitudinous ways.


Do you know that some of the acts of the present Administration, e.g., discharging non-Republican governmental employees, "for the good of the service," in gross disregard for the Civil Service rules, are likewise autocratic, and therefore smack of the ways of Europe—the antitypical House of Ahab?


Do you know that in America we have an Aristocracy— not of nobility, but—of wealth, whose members act toward their employees more or less as the feudal lords did to their vassals, yeomen, serfs, etc.?


Do you know that just as European Autocracy sided with the Aristocracy as against the Common People, so our Government frequently favors its Aristocracy of wealth as against the Common People, as can be seen from some war contracts, court decisions, e.g., on child labor laws, women's minimum wage and maximum hour laws, trade union cases, injunctions, also some Interstate Commerce Court and Labor Board decisions, governmental intervention in disputes between Capital and Labor, sometimes ending in injunctions against Labor, causing it to lose out, favoritism in some cases to the Interests in tariff schedules, supporting over-weeningly Americans' foreign investment enterprises, like those of oil and mining corporations, "the flag follows oil," etc., in most cases yielding only under constraint to the needs of the Common People



when these conflict with "the Interests," etc., etc., and that in these things our Government has acted out the spirit of Autocracy's policy toward the Aristocracy as against the Common People?


Do you know that as a result of our Government's yielding in part to the denunciations of some of the "Clergy," against whose war-justifying activities some conscientious objectors, because of their convictions on religious grounds, protested as misrepresenting the teachings and spirit of Christ, and contrary to which clerical teachings they, as the law gave them the right to do, refused combatant service, and also as a result of our Government's yielding in part to its own supposed military exigencies, it actually, though illegally, through its military representatives, inflicted various forms of torture, resulting in certain cases in death, to compel participation in the war, in combatant service, on the part of Christians whose conscientious convictions forbade such a thing, as can be seen in the way various Baptists, Mennonites, Adventists, Bible Students, etc., were treated, and thereby our Government imitated in part some of Europe's course in yielding to sectarian influence to torture dissenters?


Do you know that the Catholic Church has obtained such influence in American civil affairs that she can frequently secure judicial, legislative and administrative support against those who attack her, as can be seen (1) from the fact that she lately secured against Mr. D. J. Gordon, of San Francisco (the Editor of the Crusader, a paper that stands for "Americanism," as against Europeanism in State, Aristocracy and Priestcraft), a sentence to prison on the charge of criminal slander, not for the alleged slander of an individual, but for the alleged slander of a Catholic secret order, because he quoted from the Congressional Record and published with disapproval the alleged oath of the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic Secret Order; (2) from the fact that courts in various parts



of the country are entertaining suits for criminal libel for the identical alleged slander; (3) from the fact that administrative, legislative and judicial officials are yielding partial support to Rome's newspaper and other propaganda against, and Rome's other efforts at the overthrow of, the K.K.K., which Rome fears to be against her, as can be seen in what is being or has been done by national, state or municipal officials in Louisiana, Kansas, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, New York, etc., against the K.K.K. with the partial support of the national Administration in at least one of these cases; (4) from the fact of what is being sought, in part by Rome, to be done with Senator-elect Mayfield of Texas; (5) from the fact that Catholic men mobbing and in some cases bruising and in a few cases even killing anti-Catholic lecturers in America, escape the law's punishment through more or less Catholic influence with civil officials; and (6) from the fact that civil officials not only do nothing against Catholicism's undemocratic and un-American agitations, political activities and Orders when asked to move against them by American patriots, but frequently go out of their way to curry favor with, to do honor to, and promote the interests of, the Roman Catholic Church, than which a more evil system of deception, fraud, error and mischief has never put its withering blight upon the human family?


Do you know that such a course proves that there is an illicit working understanding, a quasi alliance, between State and Church in America—a thing that is in spirit akin to the relation of State and Church in Europe, which is one of the sins of Europe as the antitypical House of Ahab, represented by the Divinely prohibited marriage between Ahab and Jezebel? (1 Kings 16: 31).


Do you know that such favoring of the Roman Catholic Church by judicial, administrative and legislative officers, enabling her, partly through the acquiescence



and partly through the help of governmental agencies to fight her opponents' anti-Catholic activities, by laws, judicial sentences and administrative acts, compels some judicial, administrative and legislative officials and some non-official Americans, in obeying and administrating such laws and in enforcing such sentences, to support a working understanding between Church and State, which is in the Bible symbolically called fornication—an illicit cooperation of State and Church? (Rev. 2: 20-23; 17: 2-4, 5; 18: 3, 9; 19: 2).


Do you know that the Roman Catholic Church is under God's special curse (Rev. 2: 20-23; compare 1 Kings 21: 23; 2 Kings 9: 30-37; Rev. 18: 3-24; 19 2, 3), which will shortly be consummated in her complete destruction, and that all who support and further her against the opponents of her peculiar principles and practices are heaping guilt upon themselves before the Lord, which must bring retribution? (Rev. 2: 20-23).


Do you know that this means that the Lord will especially reckon in punishment with those administrative, judicial and legislative agents who support her officially against those who oppose her peculiar principles and practices?


Do you know that America, by her co-operation with the Allies after the War, up to the present time [1923], as against the Central Powers, e.g., some of her reservations in her peace treaty with Germany, her co-operation on various of the commissions appointed by the European treaties and in conferences to adjust European affairs, as against the Central Powers, her actual, if not verbal, sanction of the European peace terms (through her ultimate support of the Allies in their selfish, galling, cruel and impossible treaty claims) as against the Central Powers, is supporting Europe's Imperialism, rivalrous Nationalism and Allianceism, and thus is guilty of these wrongs to the extent of her active or passive support of them?



Do you know that such a course is un-American?


Do you know that by President Wilson's and Americans', generally, advocating as America's cure for the European situation, the theory of the fourteen points as against Europe's governmental theories and the political development of the peoples of each language group of the European Allies—English, French, Slavic, Italian, Hispanic and Greek, six language groups in all—and by America's foisting upon Europe, almost against the latter's convictions, a League of Nations as the supposed outworking of the fourteen points, America betrayed and sentenced to the death that they are now dying, these six language groups of governments, and in thus deserting her own policies and in foisting alien policies, with their—for Europe—destructive consequences upon reluctant Europe, which consented to them only in hope of America's material help, our country unfortunately emerged from the situation thus created, less righteous for her part in creating this situation than the six language groups of people that comprised the European Allies?


Do you know that it was wrong for American officials or their representatives to seek to shape European Governments after our theory of Government, among other reasons, because all nations, not having the same standards of and for mental and moral attainment and procedure, cannot profitably be made over the same political last, God in His providence arranging for each people to have the kind of a government that their ideals, acting in harmony with their environments and needs, will establish and maintain, and He arranging for very few pure Democracies, because very few nations can, morally and intellectually, measure up to the standards of thought and action that a pure Democracy requires? (Rom. 13: 1-7).


Do you know that America's abandonment of her policy of Isolation from European entanglements, and of her policy of unselfish help for Europe in defense



of Democracy while remaining true to her traditional American policies, her intervening through her representatives, etc., in Europe's affairs, and her imitating Europe in certain policy ramifications, in which are active some features of Europe's Autocracy, Aristocracy, Priestcraft, persecution of conscientious objectors, exploitation of the Common People as against the interests of Aristocracy and Priestcraft, co-operation of Church and State, Imperialism, rivalrous Nationalism and Allianceism, are not only offences against pure Americanism, but are offences against God Himself, because of their violating various applications of the Golden Rule?


Do you know that God, holding nations as well as individuals responsible for their conduct, must punish our national apostacy from certain policy features that we have accepted, and that He approved and blessed to us in their keeping in the respects indicated above, and must punish our national practice of certain features of European policies and acts which God has typed in the Bible by the reprehensible course of the house of Ahab?


Do you know that God's usual way of punishment is to bring to naught the wrong itself, as well as the things sought to be gained by the wrong, and to make these things revert in loss to the wrong-doer?


Do you know that this means that America, for having practiced, though in more attenuated forms than Europe, the above-described wrong policies of Europe—the antitypical house of Ahab—will fail to realize what she sought to gain by this wrong course, and instead will thereby lose prestige, influence, markets, financial gain, Europe's friendship, almost all of Europe's debt to her and, most valuable of all, God's special favor for her?


Do you know that this also means more, i.e., that



the European policies that America has made even partially her own on a selfish basis will be repudiated?


Do you know that this also means that every American movement and arrangement that are identified with and support such un-American policies, will come to naught?


Do you know that this also means that every theory and principle that America has received in following these un-American policies, will be rejected?


Do you know that in these losses all who have furthered America's embarking on the career of reactionism (as these European policies have certainly made America reactionary) will suffer loss as a consequence of the havoc that their course has already wrought and will yet work?


Do you know that the enemies of Reactionism will wage unrelenting and unremitting war against it, and that, emerging victorious from the fray, they will deprive it of all it has, and will make it thoroughly discreditable as un-American and wrong?


Do you know that a little later, reactionary America will be seized upon by an internal disease and die as such—all supporters, arrangements and movements of Reactionism becoming politically sick, and making reactionary America politically sick with a lingering disease, America reactionary, but not America itself, will die by all Reactionism's politically sick movements, arrangements and supporters coming out from it?


Do you know that there will be no mourning over the death of Reactionism in America, and that as a policy it will not be honored as policies of pure Americanism have been honored?


Do you know that America should sit in sack cloth and ashes in mourning over these national sins, and quickly set them aside?


Do you know that every American, thoroughly permeated



with the Americanism of antitypical Asa and Jehoshaphat, will so do?


(1) To what thought pertinent to our subject has attention been called in THE TRUTH? Where and by what persons are these thoughts typed? What conclusions follow from America and Europe being typed by Judah and Israel respectively? Why is this difference made by God? How do American governmental principles stand related to the Mosaic and to all other human governmental principles? What two things prove God's favor to have been with America?

(2) Why should we regard Jehoshaphat and his son Jehoram as typical? What is the Biblical proof for this? What proves Elisha to be typical? In what kind of acts did all these share? Why? What fact proves 2 Kings 3 to be typical in its details? What are these details—type and antitype? What conclusions flow from these things?

(3) What are set forth in 2 Chron. 21: 12-15? What conclusions should be drawn from the fact that Elijah sent a letter to Jehoram: as to the letter, Jehoram, Asa and Jehoshaphat, Ahab and his sons, Ahaziah and Jehoram? What three Israelitish and four Judean kings were contemporary? What do Ahab, Ahaziah and Jehoram of Israel type?

(4) What do Asa, Jehosphaphat and Jehoram of Judah type? What should be said of Ahaziah of Judah typically? What are the general periods of antitypical Asa, Jehosphaphat and Jehoram? How did the Jehoshaphat and Jehoram aspects lap into one another? Trace briefly the development of the Jehoram aspect.

(5) What has the study so far traced? What is to be studied henceforth?

(6) What is not, and what is, typed by Jehoshaphat's death? What does Jehoram's accession to the throne type? What are typed by David, David's city, a burial, Jehoshaphat's burial in the city of David and his sleeping and burial with his fathers?

(7) Who are mentioned in verse 2? What peculiarity is there as to the name of two of them? What case parallels this? What do these two facts show? What peculiar



title is given to Jehoshaphat in verse 2? Explain the reasonableness of this—type and antitype.

(8) What do Jehoshaphat's six sons represent? Of how many language groups do the European peoples consist? Name them. What Scripture proves this? Explain this Scripture. What fact in the number of nations represented at the Berlin Congress proves that they are covered in the "ten men" of this Scripture? How many of these language groups were on the allied side? What were they? Of how many nations did they consist? How were they antitypical Jehoshaphat's sons? How did antitypical Jehoram act toward them?

(9) What does verse 3 teach antitypically? What do gold, silver and precious things symbolize? What Divine truths and corresponding characteristics did America give the Allies? What did the fenced cities type? State the details of the antitypes? What is typed by the kingdom being given to Jehoram?

(10) What is typed by Jehoram's rising to the kingdom? By what did it set in? What were the characteristics of the Fourteen Points? By whom and by what was the way prepared for the Fourteen Points and a League of Nations? Who fathered them? Of what are they the antitypes? Why? On what errors were they based? Why was their basis an error? What is God's rule for forms of governments? What variation of governmental forms had this principle prompted Him to make? Why? If moral suasion fails to produce a change of an outgrown form of government, what may a nation properly do to effect the needed change? Give an example of this?

(11) Whence do governments derive their proper powers? Why? In view of this what forms of government has God "ordained"—arranged for—among men? Why is there such a difference among these? What results follow from a disregard of the involved principle? How did the Fourteen Points and a League of Nations harmonize with this principle? How are they to be regarded?

(12) Who fathered and supported these two things? How was their advocacy and Europe's popular approval of certain aspects of them regarded by America? What action does not disprove this fact? What evil effects followed



from such advocacy? What was the general effect on the six allied language groups and other European nations? Who is responsible for this and to what extent? What types these things?

(13) What should be said of the chronological data of verse 5?

(14) What do verses 6 and 12 show? What were the wrongs of Ahab and Ahaziah? What wrongs did Jehoram of Israel not commit? What wrongs did he commit? What wrongs did Jehoram of Judah commit? How did his sins compare with those of the Ahabic house? Of what was he typical? Explain and prove the nature of antitypical Baal worship. What six sins has Europe as the antitype of Ahab and Ahaziah committed? Additionally what sins have antitypical Ahab, Ahaziah and Jehoram committed in common?

(15) To what extent would antitypical Jehoram of Judah not sin? How does his type suggest this? In whose executive orders was there some of the spirit of autocracy? Whose acts were especially autocratic? Give six particulars of such acts. To what did they contribute? In what particular did a kindly President show the same spirit? What does such autocracy antitype? What have here been favored as against the common and poor people? Like what is this?

(16) Describe four other evils of reactionism in America similar to those of Europe. How do they compare with Europe's similar acts?

(17) In what other phase of Europe's wrong-doings has antitypical Jehoram of Judah shared? What is anti-typical Jehoram of Israel? Prove this answer from Scripture and facts. Explain the two particulars in which antitypical Jehoram of Judah participates in the acts of anti-typical Jehoram of Israel. What two ameliorating acts do not wholly undo this twofold participation? How do these two lines of action make America share in Europe's evils? How does she act toward accomplished acts and facts of which she disapproved? Give an illustration. In what does this course make her participate?

(18) How has antitypical Jehoram of Judah come to do such things? Where and how is this typically stated? For what are evil women often responsible? State some



examples of such women and their evil influence. Who was Jehoram's wife? Whose daughter was she? What does she type? What two facts are in harmony with this? State the antitypical development of the union and co-operation of Jehoram and Athaliah. How and among whom has it worked?

(19) How has the American Catholic Church made America reactionary? In what fourteen ways has Rome been seeking to "get America?" In what have these fourteen courses of action resulted? How does America's present spirit compare with that inherited from the Declaration of Independence for 100 years?

(20) With what four evil characteristics has the American Catholic Church infected vast numbers of Americans? What proportion of civil offices are under her dominating influence? In what two evils has this resulted? With what should she be charged? What two things has her influence induced antitypical Jehoram to do? Show from the type the whole wicked procedure.

(21) What kind of principles, nevertheless, still operate in America? Who approves of them? What does their operation effect? What effect on God has the operation of these principles had? Why have they so affected Him? How long will they continue so to affect Him? What will then come?

(22) What Scripture was covered by our preceding study? What will this study cover? What does Edom represent? Why? What was Conservative Labor's stand as to the allied countries during the war? Explain 2 Kings 3: 26, type and antitype, in detail. How long in America did Conservative Labor maintain its friendly attitude? How was this friendly attitude changed into hostility? How is this typed? What is the difference between the king of Edom in 2 Kings 3: 9-12 and the one in 2 Chron. 21: 8 antitypically? What is the fact and time pertinency of the application, type and antitype?

(23) What does verse 9 type? What additional particulars are supplied in the parallel account? What is typed by Jehoram (Joram) passing over to Zair? Describe the causes of, and procedures during the 1922 strikes. Describe the course and failure of arbitration efforts. Who appeared about to be victorious? How is



this shown in the type? What acts of Labor gave the occasion of their defeat? Describe Jehoram's night attack and the Edomites' flight, type and antitype?

(24) What were the results of the revolution, type and antitype?

(25) What revolt is described in verse 10? Why did it occur? What does the word Libnah mean? What is Libnah, type and antitype? What is the mission of the Epiphany-Enlightened Saints and to whom does it extend? Why do they oppose governmental reactionism in America?

(26) How long have they felt such resentment? How did they begin to show it? For what two things did John reprove Herod? What are the two activities of antitypical John called? What time feature corroborates the setting given to the two revolutions?

(27) What were Jehoram's worst wrongs? Describe the two kinds of high places and their connected works. How did God in general view these two kinds of high places? Under what circumstances and with what persons did He make an exception to this rule?

(28) Of which kind were the high places mentioned in verse 11? Why? What do Jehoram's high places and altars type? What corroborates this answer? What does Jehoram's building them represent? What practice on the part of officials is frequent in respect to denominational services? Why is this desired? Give illustrations of this practice in municipal, state and national officials. How does such a course build the antitypical high places and their altars?

(29) What do Judah and its mountains in verse 11 represent? What are their officials doing? How does God view this, especially since 1878? What is being done in the Catholic high place? What proves this?

(30) What other wrongs does verse 11 point out? What do the inhabitants of Jerusalem and Judah type? Why? What is symbolic fornication? What is meant by forcing it? What does Rome seek in this connection? Give three, from among many, examples of this. How have officials forced one another and private citizens to commit symbolic fornication? Against what movements especially has this gone on? What is this evil arousing



throughout the land? How should we characterize Jehoram's acts, type and antitype?

(31) Of what do verses 12-15 treat? What did God do in the type? What two lines of thought are contained in Elijah's letter? When and by whom was this letter written and sent?

(32) What events and their time features in the type prove that antitypical Elijah would write the antitypical letter and send it to Jehoram after the World War and before the World Revolution? What does God no more do to His mouthpieces? How does He give them a knowledge of future things? What fact proves that the antitypical letter could not have been written until the events of verses 1-11, especially verse 11, were antityped? Before what time could the antitypical letter not have been written? Why not? How long were the antitypes of verses 1-11 being watched in their unfolding? What did the watcher well know? When was the last set of facts sufficiently clear to enable him to write all of the necessary facts into the letter? On what date was its circulation begun?

(33) What does verse 12 expressly state of the writer, sender and source of the letter? What does it do to Jehoram? Why? What expression proves that Elijah wrote and sent the letter to Jehoram? What follows from these facts? When was the letter likely written? With what claim do the typical and antitypical letters begin? How is this claim made in the antitypical letter? How does the antitypical letter claim it comes from Jehovah as the God of antitypical David? How can America be called a son of antitypical David? What only need we do in connection with these two letters? Why? What else should be shown?

(34) What two reasons are given for the coming punishments, type and antitype? Why are there just two reasons for them? Who are described, type and antitype, toward the end of the second column of the first page and in the bulk of the next column of antitypical Elijah's letter? Define antitypical Asa, Jehoshaphat and Jehoram. Where is this shown in the antitypical letter? What



were antitypical Jehoram's sins of omission? What is 100% Americanism?

(35) In what part of the antitypical letter are the sins of Ahab's house and of Jehoram, type and antitype, shown? What are these sins? What is discussed in two-thirds of the first column of the antitypical letter's last page? What is discussed in the rest of this column apart from its last four lines? What are we to understand is meant by antitypical Jehoram being less righteous than his six brothers?

(36) What should not be attempted with details of the future? Of what future things may we have some understanding? How do we get it? How many kinds of punishment did Jehoram receive? From what source and through what agents were they administered? Where is antitypical Jehoram's punishment forecast? How does it indicate its source and agents? What was the predicted first punishment, type and antitype? What was typically and antitypically forecast as the second punishment? How do the typical and antitypical letters correspond in these particulars?

(37) What two cautions should be heeded with reference to prophetical and typical future events? Why? Give illustrations on these points. Who prompted Jehoram's punishment? Who were the attackers of Jehoram? What do they type? Explain the reasonableness of these definitions from the meanings of the words and fulfilled antitypes. What means will Jehovah probably use to stir up the avengers?

(38) What does verse 17 show, type and antitype, in respect to the invasion and the treatment of Jehoram's people, substance, wives and children? Who of these escaped, type and antitype?

(39) What do verses 18-20 show? Of what two kinds did Jehoram's punishments consist? What suggests that the second antitypical punishment will be within Reactionism? Give a general description of the antitypical disease in its various forms. What may the two years' period of Jehoram's sickness type? What is typed by the people's making no burning for him? What may the eight years of his reign type? What is typed by his departing without being desired? by his sleeping with his fathers?



his burial in the city of David? and in an un-royal sepulcher?

(40) What opinion do the fulfilled facts of the foregoing study warrant? What are some of the characteristics of a genuinely fulfilled antitype? What may we hope from this study for ourselves? Why?

(41) When was the preceding part of this chapter written? Of what fulfilled things did it treat? When was antitypical Elijah's Letter written? When as to these writings were the things of vs. 14-20 fulfilled? As what did they have to be treated in the pertinent writings? By what time had they all been fulfilled? What is the character of the forecasts, viewed from the standpoint of their fulfillment? In what administrations did Reactionism continue in its evil course unpunished? With what did this punishment start? Amid and mainly through what did the forecast punishment come? Through what two sources? Who were Reactionism's external foes? Who were the antitypical Philistines? Arabians?

(42) How did the external foes of Reactionism attack it? What did they accomplish in general? In particular, as to its figurative sons? Wives? People? Possessions? By what means was Reactionism's death brought about? How was this accomplished by the Republicans? By the Republican Progressives? Who acted treacherously to the party of Reactionism in the 1932 campaign? How? What resulted therefrom? In what defeat did this appear? With what did Reactionism die? How was it regarded in death? How is it remembered? What do the above facts do as to our forecast made in 1923 and 1924?


Servant of God, thy fight is fought;

Servant of God, thy work is wrought

Ling'rest thou yet upon the joyless earth?

Thy place shall be in Eden's bowers,

Far from this mournful world of ours,

Among the sons of light that seek a diff'rent birth.