Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (epiphany) of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13








THE PYRAMID corroborates 1914 as the end of the reaping and begetting, symbolized at the point G in the diagram below. It was while studying this true date in the symbolism of the Pyramid that we were led by the Lord to see how He indicated by the Pyramid certain false dates, as such, that He foreknew would be presented as alleged true dates by the Great Company. We will first express the principle that the Lord gave us governing the subject: In computing time measurements any deviation in the Grand Gallery from the angles of its true floor lines symbolizes a deviation from the Narrow Way, i.e., the Way of Truth and Righteousness, and hence symbolizes a deviation into the ways of Error and Unrighteousness. There are two true and three false floor lines in the Grand Gallery. The true floor lines are (1) the ascending floor line to the foot of the large step; (2) the horizontal floor line from the top of the large step to the vertical line dropped from the south wall of the Grand Gallery, while a line from the break off just south of the north wall of the Grand Gallery to the foot of the little step is one, and the fronts of the two steps are the other two of these false lines. The fictitious



line to the foot of the little step deviates (1) from the angle of the ascending floor line, as well as (2) from that of the horizontal floor line; and therefore by using it and the fronts of both steps we reach a number of false dates that the Great Company has taught as true dates. Sometime we hope to present a number of these. Here we desire to point to a more simple way than these by which the Pyramid shows that 1918 is the Great Company's date for the end of Reaping.


(2) The measurements that enter into this calculation are given on p. 70 of The Great Pyramid Passages, Vol. II [pp. 63, 64, New Edition]. There the height or front of the large step is given as 36 inches, the top of the step to the south wall is given as 61 inches and the distance from the bottom of the step projected along the line of the angle of the ascending floor line to its point of intersection with the vertical line of the south wall is given as 68 inches. This point of intersection brings us to the date September 16, 1914, which facts and Scriptures prove is the limit, not of the Church's presence on earth, but of the reaping and begetting work. On page 79 [p. 67, New Edition] Brother Edgar shows that the bottom of the step marks about October, 1846. While this date is the date of the beginning of the Image, the point at the foot of the step could not indicate an activity of the Image, whose formation is not a part of the Grand Gallery symbolism, as the latter pertains to the High Calling; for the activity of the Image belongs in the horizontal passage leading to the Pit. What then does it indicate? Before answering the question directly we would remark that it must represent the time of an event involving some who have walked the Narrow Way. Leaving this question unanswered for the present, let us first notice what date we will get, if, slightly deviating from the angle of the ascending floor line, we measure through the step from its foot to the



place where the vertical line of the south wall intersects the horizontal floor line leading to the King's Chamber. This line projected through the step is the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle whose sides are the front of the step, 36 inches, and the top of the step, 61 inches. Consequently the sum of the squares of these two sides equals the square of this hypotenuse. Thus 36 x 36=1,296; and 61 x 61=3,721. Their sum is 5,017, which is the square of the line from the foot of the step to the place where the vertical line of the south wall of the Grand Gallery intersects the horizontal floor line leading to the King's Chamber, while this vertical line, projected through the floor, meets the true projected ascending floor line a few inches directly below the above intersection. If we extract the square root of 5,017 we find it to be 70.83078, which, reduced to Pyramid inches, equals 70.75995, i.e., 70¾ years, which plus the ¾ year, symbolized by the ¾ inch to the projected floor line of the King's Chamber, equals 71½ years. This added to the date, about October, 1846, which is symbolized at the foot of the step, gives us about April, 1918; thus 1,845¾ plus 71½ = 1,917¼, i.e., April, 1918. This is the date that the Society leaders, Brother Olson, etc., have given as the end of the Reaping and Begetting. Its place in the Pyramid being reached by a deviation from the true angle of the ascending floor line, the symbolism of the Pyramid suggests that the date, about April, 1918, marked at that point, is reached by a deviation from the Narrow Way of Truth and Righteousness, and must therefore have been reached over a by-way of Error and Sin. Its being in the direct line of the vertical line from the south wall of the Grand Gallery to the point of intersection with the true ascending floor line, projected through the step, proves in Pyramid symbolism that sinners and errorists from the Narrow Way would claim for it, that it represents what is actually represented directly below



at the point of intersection with the projected true floor line, i.e., the end of the Reaping and Begetting. Hence the symbolism of the Pyramid proves that about April, 1918, is the Great Company's counterfeit date for the end of the Reaping and Begetting.


(3) How does the Pyramid prove this counterfeit date to be the one that Great Company members would teach? We answer, in several ways: Its deviation in the Grand Gallery from the true ascending floor line angle proves that it is taught by those who are New Creatures, but who, failing faithfully to sacrifice and sinning against their justification or consecration or both, pursue a compromising course, i.e., the Great Company (Jas. 1: 8). Another consideration proves this: As we know, our dear Pastor taught that antitypical Gilgal (2 Kings 2: 1) was reached October, 1874. (Z 1916, p. 38, par. 4.) Consequently Elijah must have anointed Elisha (cast his mantle over him) and must have been followed by Elisha before 1874 (1 Kings 19: 1921); and therefore the cave scene and standing before the mount (1 Kings 19: 9-18) must have begun before 1874. We understand the cave scene to represent the condition of the brethren incidental to the disappointment in 1844. In deep depression for a while they hid themselves away. They began to come out of that condition before October, 1846; (see Brother Miller's testimony, C 90) and at that date approximately they became a sanctuary set apart, and their first work was to share their power with antitypical Elisha in 1846, whose worldliness typed in the mantle scene (1 Kings 19: 20, 21; see Chapter I) was the first step in the wrong direction of this class, and is marked by the beginning of the deviation of the line at the foot of the step, the place symbolizing about October, 1846, leading to the place symbolizing about April, 1918. Hence we conclude that from Scripture, Reason and Facts and from the Pyramid's corroboration of the true date, 1914, and its



pointing out the Great Company's fictitious date, 1918, that the date, 1918, is the Great Company's wrong date for the end of the Reaping and Begetting. We herewith present a drawing illustrative of the pertinent Pyramid features:


(4) AB=front of step. BC=top of step. AC=deviating line. DG=projected vertical line of the Grand Gallery's south wall. AG=the projected floor line. EF=projected floor line of the King's Chamber. HAG=the ascending floor line. In the preceding paragraphs we showed that the foot of the step A, marks, generally speaking, October, 1846; that the top of the step, C, marks, generally speaking, July, 1917; and that the projected floor line of the King's Chamber ¾ inch vertically above marks, generally speaking, April, 1918, which, generally speaking, is the date that Facts and the Pyramid show is the Great Company's date for the end of the Spirit-begetting and reaping. Thus the Pyramid corroborates these facts and the Bible on the subject, and this proves, as will be shown, that the leaders who have taught this date as the end of the Spirit-begetting and reaping were, when they first taught it, members of the Great Company. Among



others this would include Brothers Rutherford, Hemery, Van Amburgh, MacMillan, Woodworth, Fisher, Hudgings, Martin, Bohnet, Robison, Sturgeon, Olson, Ofstad, etc.


(5) The Scriptures frequently use the word day to mean a 40 years' period (Ps. 95: 8-10; Matt. 20: 1-8, etc.). The fulfilled facts prove that the word today in 2 Kings 2: 3 is to be understood to cover a period of 40 years antitypically. We know that Bethel (Z '15, 286, par. 7) types the Passover of 1878; and 40 years onward therefrom would bring us to Passover, 1918, by which date, according to the fulfilled facts of the antitype, the antitypical Elijah and Elisha were already separate and distinct as classes. This Scripturally fixed date before which the antitypical separation was to be completed we find fully corroborated by realized facts and by the symbolism of the Pyramid. The Pyramid corroboration we have already briefly shown in the above-indicated measurement; and we will now proceed to show it in detail.


(6) But one might ask how does the above measurement prove April, 1918, to be the Great Company's wrong date for the end of reaping and Spirit-begetting? We reply: (1) Since the point of intersection of the top of the step and the vertical line of the south wall of the Pyramid's Grand Gallery is reached by a deviation from the angle of the ascending floor line of the Grand Gallery, the thing and date symbolized are reached by new creatures over a way deviating from the path of Truth and Righteousness, which is symbolized by the floor line just mentioned; hence such new creatures are Great Company members, and are thus symbolized as walking over that by-way of Sin and Error in their double-mindedness. (2) But how are we justified in adding the ¾ inch from the point of intersection to the projected floor line of the King's Chamber to the 70½ inches? We answer: This is because of what is implied in the claim that Spirit-begetting ceased April, 1918; for such



a claim implies that whoever among new creatures was faithful to that date would inevitably attain the Divine nature, whose plane is symbolized by the floor line of the King's Chamber; even as God by causing Aaron to be robed in Beauty and Glory at the typical consecration and Spirit-begettal thereby typed that those who would be faithful in their consecration were by God and should be by others anticipatorially viewed as clothed in Glory and Beauty at their consecration and Spirit-begettal (T 29, 2; Heb. 3: 14). Hence the teaching of the class who began about October, 1846, to deviate from the path of Truth and Righteousness, to the effect that the door was closed April, 1918, and that all within it were safe within the closed door of the High Calling, and thus were sure of the Divine nature, is symbolized by the projected false line and the ¾ inch vertically ascending line reaching the projected floor line of the King's Chamber at the time of the event (the close of the door of entrance to, and of departure from the faithful class) that assured them of the Divine nature! And the fact that this point (reached over a line deviating from that symbolizing the way of Truth and Righteousness) is directly above the place some six inches below, where the time of the real end of the reaping and Spirit-begetting are symbolized, implies that it is the Great Company's counterfeit date for the things that are symbolized, as having happened directly below it September 16, 1914, the point where the true ascending floor line projected through the steps meets the vertical line of the south wall of the Grand Gallery.


(7) But this is only a general view of the Truth taught in the symbols here. We now proceed to give details that are to the last degree confirmatory of our presentations on Elijah and Elisha. We showed above and in Chapters I and II that it was about October, 1846, that antitypical Elijah began to cast his mantle over, began to share in a degree his office powers with, antitypical Elisha. But one may ask, How do we know



this? We reply: About October, 1846, the main representatives of the Church, which has all along consisted of all the firstborns, the Little Flock and Great Company (Heb. 12: 23), became in its nucleus, a sanctuary apart, cleansed and separate from Babylon, though all of its members were not so cleansed and separate (C 119, 120). Therefore, at that date antitypical Elijah and Elisha joined hands in a work separate from all denominations and measurably free from their errors. And as no one knew to which class the individuals belonged, all were treated as of the Little Flock, hence at that date antitypical Elijah at the hands of his faithful leaders cast his mantle over antitypical Elisha, i.e., all the brethren shared Elijah's powers; and as in the type Elisha (1 Kings 19: 20, 21) showed a disposition not wholly loyal; so the antitypical Elisha showed a double-minded disposition (Jas. 1: 8) in wanting to hold on to the world, and yet in being willing soon to follow after antitypical Elijah. His zeal was not whole-hearted. Hence, it was about Oct., 1846, that the two classes began to deviate from one another, symbolized by the first deviation of the two above-mentioned lines at the foot of the step; antitypical Elijah faithfully following the right course, which in 1846 was marked by his anointing antitypical Elisha and reproving his worldly-mindedness; and is marked by antitypical Elisha taking a slightly wrong course, and lacking whole-hearted zeal. It will be remembered that we called attention (Chapter IV) to acts of Bros. MacMillan, Woodworth, Van Amburgh and Hemery during the 1908-1911 sifting, as proving them to have shared in the antitype of Elisha's experiences (2 Kings 2: 26), and as proving them to be Great Company members.


(8) Returning to the Pyramid symbolisms in and out of the solid masonry of the step, we submit some remarks: (1) The fact that the two lines diverge symbolizes that they were traveled by two different classes



of new creatures. (2) The class whose course is symbolized as following the true projected floor-line stands as a class for the Little Flock. (3) The class whose course is symbolized by the deviating line stands as a class for the Great Company. (4) The fact that the two above-mentioned lines are invisible, while within the solid masonry of the step, symbolizes the fact that it would not be manifest to which of the two classes the individuals belonged, as long as their courses were in the years symbolized by the inches within the solid masonry of the step. (5) The fact that the false line emerges from the solid masonry at a point marking about July 1, 1917, symbolizes that about July 1, 1917, the Elisha class would begin to take a course in the open that would manifest them to be of the Elisha class. (6) The fact that the line from that point changes its course and rises directly overhead in the open for ¾ of a Pyramid inch to the projected floor line of the King's Chamber, where the expectations of certain new creatures are by the Pyramid symbolized as being the erroneous expectations of the Great Company, symbolizes the fact that sometime from about July 1, 1917, to about April 1, 1918, it would be manifested as a class, but not in all cases as an individual matter, as to who was the antitypical Elisha. (7) And the fact that the Elisha class as such and that various individuals of antitypical Elisha would be manifested sometime from about July 1, 1917, to about April 1, 1918, without there being yet an infallible way of manifesting the individuals of antitypical Elijah, though the class as such has been manifested, is symbolized by the line picturing Elisha's course emerging from the solid masonry into the open at a point marking about July, 1917, and that over a wrong route as we have seen; on the other hand the line that symbolizes Elijah's course from the very beginning and reaching to the point marking about October 1, 1914, has not emerged [this was first written in 1920] from the solid masonry of the step. Hence



we do not know of a certainty what individuals under test will demonstrate themselves in the finished picture to be of antitypical Elijah, though the class as a class was manifest at the separation in 1917. All sorts of shakings must take place before all the individuals of Elijah will be clearly manifest. We believe, in harmony with our Pastor's thought (Z '16, 264, par. 1), that this will be known this side of the veil; for the outcome of our shakings will be an individual manifestation of all Elijah's members. But it will be some years before all of the individuals of antitypical Elijah will be manifested!


(9) We will now refer to some general facts to elucidate some of the above statements; then we will give some minute particulars making our demonstration complete. We have already given in Chapter II many Scriptures and facts that prove that the separation of the Lord's people that began in the summer of 1917 is the antitype of the separation of Elijah and Elisha. In many ways in that chapter we proved that the individuals that heartily did the seven things typed by Elisha's seven acts (2 Kings 2: 1214) are the antitypical Elisha. We also pointed out in that chapter how individual exceptions could be made in the case of not a few. We repeat argument already given as an unanswerable proof that the partisan Society adherents are the Elisha class: As at Elijah's and Elisha's separation the former lost the mantle, and the latter got and retained it in his control; so those who as a class after the separation got and retained the mantle in their control are as a class antitypical Elisha. Individuals who are of antitypical Elisha, by force and craft before this got the Society into their control, symbolized by the horsemen driving the chariot. And the mantle itself came almost completely into the hands of certain individuals, especially one individual, J.F.R., of antitypical Elisha, when between August 6 and 8, 1917, the five Directors decided not to sue "the present management," and in the case of four agreed to



leave Bethel, three of the four ousted Directors moving from Bethel August 8. Brother Hirsh, still remaining the Tower's Managing Editor, estopped those individuals, especially one as the representative of the Elisha class, from completely possessing the mantle. But only after the separation started was it, beginning with J.F.R.'s deceitful "political campaign" and "wire-pulling," progressing with the "straw vote," and culminating in the election of January 6, 1918, that the partisan Society adherents got and now retain full possession of the antitypical mantle. Therefore they are antitypical Elisha, i.e., that part of the Great Company typed by Elisha. This proof we believe to be unanswerable: The mantle possessors after the separation are antitypical Elisha. There are other parts of the Great Company than that part typed by Elisha. These are typed by other persons, e.g., by the divisions and subdivisions of the Levites. In the Levitical picture the Mahli Merarites correspond to antitypical Elisha. This last point refutes the Society adherents' argument that they must be the Little Flock; because they are one company, while the other Truth people are divided into many factions. It is true that they are one company; but that one company consists of antitypical Mahli Merarites; and the other factions mainly correspond to other subdivisions of the Levites, and ultimately, apart from the Priests, will correspond exactly to them. All the Priests will, before leaving the world as a class, be individually manifested as such, separate and distinct from the Levites.


(10) The facts that we gave in Chapter II prove that about July 1, 1917, the Society leaders took a course full of unrighteousness and untruthfulness, and that, in the open, symbolized by the emergence of the deviating line from the solid masonry of the step. This course they continued unabated until about April 1, 1918, i.e., for nine months, and were thereby manifested to be such as had openly left the path of Truth and Righteousness. This as taking place during nine



months is symbolized by the false line changing its direction and coming into the open for ¾ of a Pyramid inch. That they would make the false claim that about April 1, 1918, the door to the begettal would be forever closed, giving it [as the Great Company's] date for the end of the reaping and Spirit-begetting, i.e., teaching that all within the closed door would remain there, and thus inevitably gain the Divine nature, is symbolized by the ¾ inch straight upward and open course of the line coming to an end at the projected floor line of the King's Chamber directly above the place in the solid masonry of the step that symbolizes about October 1, 1914, when the real reaping and begetting ceased. "Into the open" individual after individual of the Great Company since about July 1, 1917, has come, and shortly afterward has been manifested as such. We as a mouthpiece of the Lord have made announcement of the manifestation of individual Great Company members, when it became necessary to do so to safeguard the flock; because the Lord manifested them to us by their revolutionism (Ps. 107: 11). We have not sentenced them. We have simply announced the Lord's clearly revealed sentence! Thus He, not we, did and does the judging. We only announce His judgment, when necessary for the good of the flock. It will be noted that not a few who in the separation of antitypical Elijah and Elisha opposed antitypical Elisha, have nevertheless, by their revolutionism against the interpretations, arrangements, charter and will that the Lord gave through "that Servant," been manifested to be Great Company members, antitypical Levites of various subdivisions; but not necessarily of antitypical Elisha, who corresponds in the finished picture only to those Great Company members and Youthful Worthies who are the antitypical Mahli Merarites (Num. 3: 17-20). From this discussion we note that in the unfinished picture from the time of Elijah's and Elisha's being beyond Jordan, the former does not throughout have



as his antitype all and only eventual Little Flock members, and the latter does not have as his antitype only and all eventual Great Company members. Rather both of them while walking and talking together beyond Jordan, generally speaking, type the two general groups of Society adherents as Little Flock, and as Great Company members and Youthful Worthies. Only in the finished picture as we find it in the elaboration of the Elijah type in John's imprisonment and beheading experience may we conclude that the antitypical Elijah and the Little Flock then in the flesh will be absolutely synonymous terms. So, too, antitypical Elisha in the unfinished picture is not absolutely synonymous with the Great Company. Rather, apart from the Youthful Worthies, implied in the expression "two classes" (2 Kings 2: 9), after his separation from Elijah, he represents those Great Company members who adhere to the Society. The antitypes of 2 Kings 2: 12—9: 21, which have set in already, prove this latter proposition. The picture of the Priests and Levites as a finished picture will fix, we believe, the individuals as final Little Flock and Great Company members.


(11) September 6, 1917, according to our data, the thought first struck our mind that the division among the Society friends was the antitype of Elijah's and Elisha's separation (though as early as during February 4-18, 1917, we recognized in the British sifting the separation of the Little Flock and Great Company as beginning). Gradually we could see, as pictured forth in the story, its general fulfillment in the separation of the Truth people into the two classes, as well as in the antitypical fiery chariot, horses and horsemen dividing the Lord's people. But we could not commit ourself to these thoughts, because we could not harmonize them with a future first smiting of Jordan, until early in December, 1917, when we saw clearly that the first smiting of Jordan was from the fall of 1914 until that of 1916. While before seeing the first real smiting of Jordan we had from September 6 onward



told a number of brethren that we would not be surprised, if the current separation should prove to be that of antitypical Elijah and Elisha, yet we told them we could not harmonize the thought with our expectation of a future first smiting of Jordan. Some of them will doubtless remember this. For several months, i.e., from September 6 the subject was indistinct before our mind until early in December it became clear. With full assurance, the evening of December 17, 1917, we first gave public utterance to our understanding of the subject in a discourse to about 50 brethren at Philadelphia. It was our belief on this subject that prompted us to refuse to vote in the election of the Society's officers January 6, 1918, as well as our determination to refuse in any way to lend sanction to the thought that there were vacancies on the Board, and hence refused the nomination for directorship. The two latter thoughts we expressed in the shareholders' meeting; the former one to leading brethren of the "opposition" before the election.


(12) But one might say to us: "Since you speak of yourself, as though you are among those typed by Elijah, and claim that Elijah is symbolized as yet hidden in the solid masonry of the step, how could you have seen already in 1917 antitypical Elisha as separate from antitypical Elijah?" This is a reasonable question, and we answer it as follows: Not in the Elijah picture, which represents the Church as yet hidden in the solid masonry of the step, is this shown, nor were we acting antitypically as a representative of the Elijah class, when we saw antitypical Elisha emerge from the symbolic step. Rather, symbolized as a student in the Pyramid's Ante-Chamber, as a pupil in the School of Christ learning and practicing the Truth, were we in the symbolic Ante-Chamber symbolically standing on the stone ¼ inch higher than the rest of the floor of the Ante-Chamber and of the passage leading to it, when we saw the antitypical Elisha arise. Thus we, a new creature, were standing (the granite



stone, ¼ inch higher than the rest of the floor, implied that the one standing on it is a new creature, one begotten of the Spirit), and amid our sufferings were bowing down to the Lord's will (symbolized by the granite leaf below which one must stoop to see from the Ante-Chamber into the Grand Gallery); and looking back toward the antitypical Grand Gallery, the spirit-begotten condition of the Church, enfolded in darkness, with the symbolic passage toward it dimly lighted by the torch of Truth that our dear Pastor gave us on the separation of Elijah and Elisha, we were able first faintly to discern the shadowy outlines of antitypical Elisha as such, September 6, after he had arisen nearly ¼ of a symbolic inch, i.e., from about July 1 to September 6. But there was a flicker about our figurative torch (the first smiting of Jordan preceding the separation, and that smiting sometimes set forth by our Pastor as taking place the last two years of his life, and that smiting sometimes set forth as future, dimmed the subject as by a figurative flicker) that prevented our being sure of the exact character of the slowly rising figure, until it had arisen nearly a symbolic ½ inch, half year, from the figurative floor line; when trimming our torch, so that the flicker ceased early in December, 1917, we became assured of the fact that it was antitypical Elisha that we saw rising in the delusion of his surrounding darkness to a point ½ of a symbolic inch above our standing place as a new creature. Thus we believe the symbols of the Pyramid picture forth how and when the first pupil in the School of Christ, the antitypical Ante-Chamber, gradually came clearly to discern antitypical Elisha as such. Is it any wonder that as quickly as possible, we called to fellow pupils amid their sufferings, bowed down to the Lord's will like ourself, to come where we were standing and stooping to look in the light of the torch that we were holding toward the antitypical Grand Gallery, and see with us what we saw? And is it any wonder that God selected the



most courageous of the Philadelphia Ecclesia, which in its majority above all other large ecclesias stood for Truth and Righteousness against antitypical Elisha's usurpations, to be the first brethren to be offered a glimpse of the scene that now is so clear? About Thanksgiving a Brother and Sister of this church meeting us on a street in Brooklyn invited us to visit them at their home, and to see those at Philadelphia who sympathized with our viewpoint of the trouble. It was at their home, where we since taught many a Berean Class, that fellow pupils in the Ante-Chamber first looked toward antitypical Elisha in the light of the torch that we were by Grace Divine privileged to hold up for them.


(13) We now proceed to some details that bring out the Elisha antitype even to the exactness of a day in its relations to a certain member of the Elijah class, as a representative merely of the whole class, at its separation from the Elisha class. Our Father in His condescending love was graciously pleased to use us as the particular member of the Elijah class who should at the beginning of the separation stand in the separation as a representative of all of the class, even as He was pleased in certain respects, mainly, but not exclusively, to use at the separation one individual, J.F.R., as the representative of the Elisha class. Thus equally with ourself, though differently, we accord him the privilege of being used individually, as the representative of a class, in the separation chronologically symbolized as such in the Pyramid.


(14) The following statement of facts in which we figured we give not in the spirit of boastfulness, but in the interests of the Truth: Early in May, 1917, we thought our health, which had been broken through our strenuous work in Britain, sufficiently restored to permit of our working a half a day, six days a week at the Tabernacle. Additionally we did pilgrim work Sundays from May 20 to June 24, 1917, and led various Berean Classes from about May 10 until June 24, 1917.



At the Tabernacle we were set to work under the direction of the younger Brother Woodley in the basement, dusting the boxes containing motto cards, changing and sorting them, moving books from bin to bin, keeping certain sorted quantities of B.S.M.'s at places where they could be conveniently gotten, etc. We, like some other colaborers there, had to wear overalls while so engaged. Most cheerfully did we avail ourself of this work, lowly as it would seem in human eyes, because we delighted to lay down our life for the Lord, the Truth and the Brethren. In view of preceding and subsequent events we have since wondered whether "The Present Management" gave us that lowly work under the impression that we (who apart from our Pastor had for years done as responsible work as any other person in the Truth) would consider it beneath our "dignity," and would resent it, and thus would furnish them with a pretext for sending us away. Leaving their motives on this point for the Lord to manifest, we remark that such motives would be in harmony with their manifested characters; and not a few Bethelites, whom we consider nobler characters than "The Present Management," feared that such was the reason for our being given work so out of keeping with what our position in the Church might naturally lead others to expect us to have received. But the spirit of humility in, and appreciation of the least opportunity of service made us rejoice and praise God for the privileges of even that lowly service.


(15) Brothers Ritchie, Wright, Hoskins and Hirsh, having, June 14, been appointed as a Committee of the Board to examine into our British activity (despite our petition that the entire Board hear the case), we stopped, June 14, working at the Tabernacle; because we needed the time to prepare for the consideration of the Committee the main data of our British work. Only on June 19 during two of its sessions did we appear before this Committee and during five hours



laid before the Committee the main facts of the British case. June 20, at a Board meeting, this Committee made on our British work a favorable report, which we believe should have been made more favorable, and which was not so made, because the four thought it would meet approval, if made as it was. "Politics!" But J.F.R.'s strenuous and ill-tempered opposition weakened Brother Wright, and also Brother Ritchie, who wrote out the report, with the result that it was set aside, and instead a statement of J.F.R., casting a cloud over our letter of appointment, our credentials, and our British work, was accepted. On the Board's minutes it is recorded that this statement was accepted unanimously; but Brother Hirsh immediately after the meeting assured us that he did not vote for or against it. By the acceptance of that statement a work that consisted of co-operating with our Lord in leading two sections of Azazel's Goat from the door of the Tabernacle to the gate of the court was disparaged. We are sure that the Lord approved of it, His robe covering our unwilling weaknesses. We herewith publish the Committee's report on our British work:


(16) "To the Board of Directors of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society,

"Dear Brethren:—At the request of several members of the Board of Directors, the President appointed a Committee to hear Brother Johnson report his visit to Foreign Branches of the Society, and especially with reference to the British Branch, the Committee now wishes to report as follows:

"We held several meetings, going over such evidence as the President furnished us, including the report of the Commission appointed by the President to investigate conditions at the British Branch of the Society, having the minutes of the Board of Directors, which we examined, yesterday having heard Brother Johnson at length, we now summarize as follows:

"When on November 2 Brother Johnson's visit was authorized by the Board of Directors, a special Committee



was appointed to complete the arrangements therewith. This Committee gave him Credentials [letter of appointment; the credentials were not dictated until November 10, 1916, and were ordered dictated by the Executive Committee which succeeded to the other committee's duties and powers in re the trip. Both papers offered the same powers] which amongst other things empowered him 'to carefully examine the books and other private papers of the Association kept and maintained in the countries herein above named; to investigate the financial condition of the work and affairs of the Society in said countries, and, generally, to do whatsoever is necessary, or may become immediately necessary to protect our interests and the work in said countries; full power and authority being hereby given and granted unto him to do and perform the same. In connection with your duties above outlined you will be expected at such time or times as may be convenient to preach the Gospel,' etc. While at first there appears to have been some thought that his powers would have to be sweeping in order to gain entrance to some of the countries at war, and that there would be little or no occasion to exercise to the full the powers, nevertheless, it appears that Brother Johnson believed his Credentials, and his letter of introduction to the brethren in charge of the various foreign branches to be bona fide; and that they required him to carry out such work as seemed to him necessary for the good of the Lord's cause, and for the best interests of the Society's work in general. We find that he was confirmed in this thought by the sending to him by the Executive Committee of the Board and later by the new President copies of business letters to the British Branch Managers [and letters suggesting how he might handle some matters pertaining to the Bethel and Tabernacle situation]. We are convinced that Brother Johnson acted in all good faith, and that his labors in general have resulted in good to the cause, which we are



pleased to acknowledge, though, like all of us, he doubtless made mistakes. The sudden cancellation of Brother Johnson's Credentials casts a reflection upon him; and we feel that some way can be found to relieve the deadlock which exists between him and our dear President, resulting in good, not only to them, but to the Lord's work in general. The minutes of the Board meeting for March 29, are not in harmony with the Secretary's 'statement' sent to Great Britain—an unfortunate discrepancy. In view of the present strained condition, involving discredit upon Brother Johnson's good name and his usefulness in the Lord's work, because of his dismissal and recall by the President, and that without authority from the Board or without their knowledge or consent, therefore, be it Resolved, That Brother Pierson and Brother Johnson be appointed to make the best possible settlement of the costs of suit instituted by Brother Johnson while in pursuit of his duties as the Representative of the Society.


A.I. Ritchie

Isaac F. Hoskins

J.D. Wright

R.H. Hirsh."


(17) As we pointed out in Chapter II, the separation of antitypical Elijah and Elisha had its first faint foregleams June 21, 1917, when J.F.R. (1) had us dismissed from service at the Tabernacle; and the same morning persuaded us, who felt in health unequal to the task, to give our reluctant consent to undertake a pilgrim trip of several weeks. The route sheet for the trip was given us that afternoon. That night our sleep was wretched; accordingly the next morning shortly after breakfast, June 22, we respectfully (2) declined to undertake the trip, assuring him that it would throw us back in health, where we were four months before. (3) He then angrily ordered us to leave Bethel; but we thwarted his purpose by appealing from his decision to the Board, as the final authority in the Society. (4) Immediately before