Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (epiphany) of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13


unaccompanied by love—the chief part of character development—avails nothing (1 Cor. 13: 3). We are glad to see the remark in the article under review, that we must develop character, and that selling books will not bring into the kingdom. But these remarks should have been accompanied, not with the falsehood with which they are accompanied, that its writer did not teach that we are not to develop character; for that is stated and argued for in detail in the Tower article entitled, Character or Covenant— Which? Rather they should have been accompanied with a humble acknowledgment that he had not only taught that most grievous error, but that it has resulted in much sin among his responding adherents. He did in that article teach that the kingdom is won by keeping our covenant, whose keeping he limited to service, and he has continually emphasized book selling, and still does so, as the best form of sacrificial service now. He is responsible for the extreme emphasis placed on service in Society quarters and for the neglect there of the other six features of our covenant keeping. The hypocrisy of his acknowledgment has, therefore, influenced us to let remain above our strictures as a witness against his Satanic teachings on not developing character in Z '26, 131-136. He must have been finally convinced, by the loud outcries against this error and its terrible results in wicked living in Society circles, that he must withdraw that teaching. [In subsequent articles, as will later appear, he ridicules character development, which proves that he recanted his recantation.]


In the Dec. 1 and 15, 1929, Towers, he makes an attack on our Pastor's view of the Time of the End and the times and the days of Daniel 12, and sets forth foolishness thereon, introducing the attack with the hypocritical statement that he is not intending to attack previously held views. Briefly his view is this: that the Time of the End and the end of the Gentile Times



are identical, and that it came "approximately Oct. 1, 1914" (pars. 8-10, 12, 13, 29 and 36 in the Dec. 1 Tower and par. 1 in the Dec. 15, 1929, Tower); that "just exactly three and one-half literal years, or 1,260 days, by Biblical method of calculation, after the Time of the End [italics ours] there began, to wit, 1918, a great persecution of these holy people of God," i.e., that immediately after the Time of the End the 1,260 days of Daniel began, ending 1,260 literal days later; that in the latter part of Jan., 1919, the 1,290 days began (by the claim allegedly then made by an official of the Federation of Churches that the League of Nations was "the political expression of God's kingdom," which claim supposedly put the League into the holy, which he explains as putting it in the place of the kingdom, a counterfeit of it, and thus supposedly made it the desolating abomination); that these 1,290 days ended in the beginning of Sept., 1922, at the Cedar Point Convention, when the announcement was made, "Advertise the King and the Kingdom"; that the 1,335 days began Sept. 1, 1922, and ended in the middle of May, 1926, during the London Convention, at which so much joy was experienced that Society adherents went out and sold 120,900 volumes during the convention, which greatly increased their joy! He further claims that Daniel does not refer in his book to the papacy though he concedes that there may have been a miniature (!) fulfilment of Daniel's prophecy in connection with the papacy in 1799; but he claims that the real fulfilment identifies the Time of the End with the end of the Gentile Times; and that it did not set in before the Lord began dispossession proceedings against Satan's empire. By his oft teaching that the "end of the Gentile Times," is "exactly identical with the Time of the End" and by his claiming that the 1,260 days immediately followed his Time of the End, he shows that he does not carry the Time of the End beyond "approximately Oct. 1, 1914." Of course, his



view necessitates his rejection of practically everything in Vol. III. And we are not to forget that he is by this perversion preparing his adherents to receive his denial that the Harvest began in 1874 and his claim that it began in 1918. Note the cunning of his procedure.


Against his view we have many objections:

(1) Daniel tells us that at an appointed time a very arbitrary king would invade and conquer Egypt, then would invade Palestine, then through a naval defeat would return to Egypt and then, because the kings of the north and the south would combine against him, he would return to his own land exactly at the beginning of the Time of the End (Dan. 11: 29, 30, 40-45). No such things occurred just before and at "approximately Oct. 1, 1914"; nor did they occur during any part of the World War; nor did they occur nearer than over 100 years before 1914; but they did occur just before and at Oct., 1799, and not after then; hence the Time of the End did not begin and end in 1914; but it began 115 years before, i.e., Oct., 1799.


(2) The Time of the End is a long-drawn-out period, because it began, as just proved, Oct., 1799, and will end just before Daniel's resurrection and reward as an Ancient Worthy (Dan. 12: 13). This has not yet occurred, nor will it occur for years yet. Hence this disproves "approximately Oct. 1, 1914," as the Time of the End. When our Pastor wrote Vol. III, he believed that the trouble would all be over by Oct., 1914, and that the earthly phase of the kingdom would then be established, and therefore in that volume he taught that the Time of the End, while beginning Oct., 1799, would end Oct., 1914. But when in 1904 he came to the conclusion that the trouble would begin in 1914 and refused thereafter to set a date for its end, he implied that the end of the Time of the End would come later than 1914, at a date he refused to set.



(3) The midnight of the parable (Matt. 25: 1-12) was April, 1877, when the cry, "Behold the Bridegroom," arose; but that night set in Oct. 1, 1799, as we have shown (P '27, 13, on Mark 13: 35; Luke 17: 34), hence that night comes to its first end in 1954, in the beginning of its lapping into the kingdom time. This night is the period of the Time of the End, whose lapping end reaches into the kingdom for 25 months more, i.e., Nov., 1956, after which Daniel returns. Hence this overthrows the view that the Time of the End and the end of the Times of the Gentiles are identical, at about Oct., 1914.


(4) In (Hebrew, be, in, not le, at) the Time of the End Michael stands up (Dan 12: 1). This set in at Nisan 10, 1878 (paralleling His riding into Jerusalem 1845 years before and casting off Israel and cleansing the temple) when He began to exercise executive authority in casting off Babylon, and when by the first harvest sifting He began by the Truth to drive out from His temple class the unworthy. It continued by His awakening the sleeping saints Nisan 16, 1878, and associating them with Him in the kingdom. It—His standing up—then proceeded in a Truth attack upon Satan's empire (Satan, the individual, having been bound from 1874-1878 preparatory to the spoiling of his house, Matt. 12: 29), in its religious, aristocratic, political and industrial features, which attack made such a division in Satan's empire between the conservative classes and the radical masses as to threaten it with an overthrow by a revolution of the dissatisfied masses. To avert this threatening revolution and preserve his empire, Satan mustered the nations in two rival alliances for a war in which he hoped to wipe out the division between the conservatives and radicals by making them believe, in each set of nations, that the other set sought their national destruction. Hence the World War. Thus Christ's Truth attacks on Satan's empire from 1878 to 1914 were a



part of Michael's standing up. This beginning in 1878, "in the Time of the End," the Time of the End must have begun long before "approximately" Oct. 1, 1914. The parallel dispensations prove this date 1878, and the signs of the times corroborate it, e.g., Christ's Truth attacks had so far divided Christendom, as above stated, that by 1882 and 1905 the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente respectively were completed, as rival and increasingly angry groups of nations and as Satan's counteractive measures; and in 1914 the war set in, which was on Satan's part intended to do away with the danger of a revolution that would destroy his empire. Michael did not, as the article under review claims, begin to stand up "about Oct. 1, 1914"; though about that time an important phase of His standing up did set in. His standing up began in 1878 and will continue as against Satan's empire until the end of anarchy and Jacob's trouble.


We might remark that by the expression, "in [not at] that time," of Dan. 12: 1, not the point of the time of the acts described in the preceding verses, but the period of time to which they belong is meant. We have a similar case in Matt. 25: 1, "then." This does not refer to the time of the few preceding verses, which treat of J.F.R.'s activities as that evil servant, but to the period of the Time of the End described in Matt. 24: 14-51 (the last stage of the work of witnessing, v. 14, being performed through the missionary crusade and the Bible societies, which started their work about the beginning of the Time of the End, as the facts of history prove).


(5) During the Time of the End the whole trouble is to occur. Dan. 12: 1 does not say that, just the early stage of the war part of it, as J.F.R. implies, but the entire Time of Trouble, occurs in the Time of the End, including all its stages: war, revolution, anarchy and Jacob's trouble, with famines and pestilences



interspersed; for the reason of the trouble is Michael's standing up in an attack on Satan's empire from 1878 onward, in order utterly to destroy it through the troubles above-mentioned. J.F.R.'s claim that the designation, time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation, means the World War and that Jesus means another trouble—Armageddon—still worse, by the expression, "nor ever shall be," is a pure importation into the text; for Jesus says that the great tribulation would be greater than anything that had yet occurred up to His time or anything that would come after His time. Nothing in that text makes such a contrast as J.F.R. suggests, even as the verse shows: "Then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world unto this time [the time of his speaking], no, nor ever shall be" (Matt. 24: 21). Mark's wording in 13: 19 is similar. The Scriptures do not in any one passage use the following language: "a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation to that time, no, nor ever shall be afterward." Note the difference in Daniel's expression, "to that time," and our Lord's, "unto this [His] time." Since Dan. 12: 1 teaches that in the Time of the End the entire trouble will occur, evidently the Time of the End is not identical with the end of the Gentile Times. It began before and ends later.


(6) Dan. 12: 1 further teaches that during the Time of the End the entire elect Church, "every one that shall be found written in the book," will be delivered, i.e., from the tomb and this earth by the first resurrection. Hence the Time of the End cannot be identical with the end of the Gentile Times. The parallel Harvests prove that the sleeping saints were awakened in 1878, while some of the saints are not yet delivered from this earth; hence the Time of the End began before 1878 and will last many years yet, which disproves this "new view."



(7) In the Time of the End there was to be much travel and increase of knowledge on all lines of thought, religious and secular (Dan. 12: 4). Such travel began with the invention of the steamship very shortly after 1799, continued with railroads and has increased with trolleys, automobiles, buses, airplanes and airships. And a marvelous increase of secular and religious knowledge marks the period from 1799 onward. If the Time of the End were identical with the end of the Gentile Times, at most a period of fifty days or at least one of one day [10th of the fifth (Aug. 1, 1914) to the 1st of the seventh month (Sept. 21, 1914), or Sept. 21, 1914, "approximately Oct. 1, 1914"] would not be sufficient for the predicted travel, and utterly insufficient for the increase of knowledge, which requires more than fifty days or one day to attain. Hence this disproves Aug. 1-Sept. 21, 1914 or Sept. 21, 1914, "approximately" Oct. 1, as the Time of the End.


J.F.R. tries to evade the thought of much travel and increase of all kinds of knowledge, claiming that spiritual knowledge only is meant by the terms of Dan. 12: 4, i.e., what since 1918, 1922 and 1926 he has been giving his adherents. To this we reply: If his thought were true, it would contradict his view, for the passage says that the knowledge would come in the Time of the End, which he claims as identical with the end of the Gentile Times; hence his increase of knowledge comes years after his Time of the End. He disputes that the expression, run to and fro, means to travel, but claims that it means to study, i.e., here the Truth. We deny his claim. He quotes 2 Chro. 16: 9; Jer. 5: 1; Zech. 4: 9, 10 and Amos 8: 11, 12, where the expression, run to and fro, occurs, claiming that it does not in them mean, to travel, but to study. We reply that in every case the idea of traveling is given and that in other verbs of the sentences the idea of study or other things are added. Thus when



2 Chro. 16: 9 says that the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the earth to show Himself strong on behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him, the thought is that God's powers of observing, travel from one place to another unto every part of the earth to protect and strengthen His faithful people. Here a figurative traveling is described, because the eyes are figurative; a mental traveling, therefore, from place to place is indicated. Jer. 5: 1 exhorts some to travel by their literal feet throughout all the streets of Jerusalem, and while in such travel to seek to find and observe a righteous man. The running to and fro here is literal, a physical, traveling. What they are told to do amid their travels partakes of the character of study. Figurative travel, a mental movement from place to place, is also described in Zech. 4: 9, 10. Amos 8: 11, 12 describes by the running to and fro the literal travel in search of truth, which marks our day, e.g., by scientists, archeologists, discoverers, explorers, etc. These do not find the Divine Truth by their travels and researches. All of these passages use the words, run to and fro, to mean travel, two of them describing physical, and two of them mental traveling. Whether it is a literal or a figurative traveling, it is nevertheless a traveling that they describe and they prove that the word, therefore, means to travel, not to study. Hence Dan. 12: 4 is rightly translated in the A. V., E. R. V., A. R. V., Young, Rotherham, the Baptist Version, the I. V., the Margolis V., Leeser, Fenton, etc., etc., etc. In fact it is the higher critics who, wishing by their translations to discount prophecies of patent signs of the times, give the idea under discussion.


The above seven reasons prove that our Pastor was right on beginning the Time of the End with 1799 and ending it just before Daniel's resurrection, a date which he refused after 1904 to fix and which, in the light of the Epiphany, was not due to be fixed in his time, which date



we now see will come in Nov., 1956, in its remotest end, the Time of the End coming to a lapping end from Oct., 1954, to Nov., 1956.


Briefly we will refute some of the subordinate errors of the article on the Time of the End. To its claim that Daniel in Dan. 8-12 represents the faithful people of God in and after the Time of the End, we reply that this cannot be true, for he did not understand those parts of the vision which they have been understanding. If he had typed them, e.g., in Chapter 12, they would not now understand the vision; for in the type Daniel did not understand it. Jehovah sent the Rod of His Strength out of Zion with the commission to rule in the midst of His enemies, not in 1914, as he claims, but in 1874, at Christ's Second Advent. To his claim that the statement of the nations being angry (which he says began in 1914) following the statement made to God, "Thou hast taken to Thee Thy great power and reigned," proves that immediately before the trouble began (1914) God took unto Him His great power, i.e., in 1914, we reply: this same argument would prove that immediately thereafter the judgment of Adam's dead race began, the reward of the Ancient Worthies, as well as of all the Little Flock, and the destruction of the Millennially incorrigible, would set in—absurdities! God took His power and reigned from 1878 on; the nations through Christ's Truth attacks on Satan's empire began to become angry shortly afterwards, so angry that by 1882 alliancing against one another had made much headway and worked much friction; and God's wrath began in 1914. It will be many years until the trial of the dead world begins. The reward of the sleeping saints began in 1878; but with some saints it will not be for years and that of the Ancient Worthies will begin after approximately Nov., 1956. The destruction of the first of the earth's corrupters will come a hundred years later, and that of the last nearly



1,000 years later. Thus Rev. 11: 17, and the other passages that he quotes, do not prove his point as to the Time of the End being "approximately" Oct. 1, 1914.


To his insinuation that our Pastor claimed that the formation of the Evangelical Alliance in 1846 completed the cleansing of God's people, we would say that the insinuation reveals the very imperfect understanding he has of our Pastor's remarks on that Alliance. It did not cleanse, but cut off from any association with it by its creed, the Sanctuary class, that by getting rid in 1846 of the errors, immortality and eternal torment additional to other errors previously given up, became cleansed from the main defilements of papacy. This was not a complete cleansing of God's people, but a cleansing from the defiling errors of the papacy connected with the mass. The cleansing of the 2,300 days is something totally different from that which began in 1878, when Jesus began to cleanse the temple class. Mal. 3: 2, 3 proves that this began early in the Parousia and continues in the Epiphany, among other things, six siftings being used to accomplish it. See Vol. V, Chap. II.


He says that those who talk against the Watch Tower's teaching are really talking against God, and that it proves them to have a bad condition of heart. This implies that God is responsible for the Watch Tower's teachings, including its errors. The Watch Tower publications taught that the Church would leave the world in 1918. Did those who witnessed against this error speak against God? The Watch Tower taught later that the door was closed in 1918 and that the Church would leave the world before 1925, that then the Ancient Worthies would come back and that none would thereafter have to die. Did those who years before 1925 proved these things to be erroneous thereby speak against God? In making God responsible for his errors J.F.R., the little pope of little



Babylon, is counter parting the great pope of great Babylon, who makes the same charges against the criticizers of his teachings. His calling opposers of his errors and wrong official practices, supporters of Satan's organization, is exactly what his great counterpart does as to his opponents. J.F.R. has long ceased being a mouthpiece of God and is Satan's chief servant and mouthpiece among Truth people.


We do not, as he falsely charges, give credit to Bro. Russell for our being led out of symbolic Egypt. So far as we know, C. J. Woodworth invented that thought with the addition that J.F.R. was the Joshua leading God's people into antitypical Canaan's possession. Jesus is the antitype of Moses and Joshua. He led us out of symbolic Egypt and used Pastor Russell as a servant of His in connection therewith, as He also subordinately used other servants therein. But Satan, acting as the little Pharaoh, is and has been using J.F.R. to enslave many of God's people in little Egypt, as our answers prove.


We now come to his folly on the 1,260, 1,290 and 1,335 days of Daniel. Against his 1,260 days as beginning at the end of the Gentile Times (Sept. 21, 1914) we present the following:

(1) What we demonstrated above as to what is the real Time of the End—1799 to 1954—proves that the days of Daniel in each case began before his Time of the End.


(2) The breaking of the power of the little horn to devastate—"scatter"—by persecution the holy people's power, which is the Truth, was completed at the beginning of the real Time of the End, 1799. Who would claim that since 1799 the Truth has been devastated and thus lost to God's faithful people, as it was in papacy's heyday? Notice that this passage (Dan. 12: 7) does not say, as J.F.R. so gratuitously assumes, and then argues on it as an admitted truth, that God's people would after the 1,260 days no more be persecuted, nor be scattered by persecution. But what it



says is this: that no more after those days would their power (which is the Truth) be scattered—devastated—as it once was by the persecutions of the papacy. Punishment indeed in part came to certain false teachers—the Society leaders—for some of their false teachings and wrong acts, but not one item of Truth—the power of God's people— was crushed at that time or since or for 119 years before. Hence the 1,260 days could not have ended then.


(3) The facts unanswerably prove that since 1799 not only has the power of the holy people—the Truth—not gone down to defeat, but since 1829, when the Miller movement began, the vision began to open little by little and more and more, first through the Advent Movement, 1829-1844, especially on the chronology; second, in the cleansed Sanctuary on various matters, especially on the unconsciousness of the dead and death as sin's penalty and on further chronological unfoldings, 1846-1874; third, in the Parousia movement, 1874-1914; and since then in the Epiphany movement. Out of every controversy against its peculiar truths and those previously due, each of these movements emerged triumphant, unanswerably refuting attacks and most gloriously elaborating the Truth as due with ever increasing brilliancy. These are the "physical facts," absolutely indisputable, of the conditions since 1799; therefore since the scattering—devastating—of the Truth, the power of the holy people, ceased since then, the 1,260 days ended then.


(4) The 1,260 days must have ended before the 2,300 days, because by the end of the 2,300 days the Church was cleansed (Hebrew, justified, i.e., vindicated) in the sense of being ridded of the defilements in, and by her controversies coming to see and then overthrowing the errors directly or indirectly connected with the mass. This does not mean that by then the Church was cleansed from all error, but from those that were related in any logical way to the specially



desolating teaching of the abomination of desolation, i.e., the mass. Such vindication unto cleansing from everything connected with that defiling doctrine implied the complete victory over every papal argument closely or remotely connected with it—a thing that proves that previously to 1846 the Truth as the power of this holy people had been freed from desolation sufficiently to accomplish this, because without such previous freedom it could not have cast off every argument for the mass coming from it or any of its associated doctrines (Dan. 8: 13, 14).


(5) The beginning of the 2,300 days being definitely fixed at 455 B.C. by 490 of them being cut off from their beginning to lead to the events of Dan. 9: 24, which ended in 36 A.D., and the angel's explanations in Dan. 11 and 12 being given to clarify the vision of Dan. 8: 9-12 and certain brief explanations of vs. 13-25, the word days in the expression, 2300 days, used in the explanation, standing for years, the word days used in the other explanations of the vision, i.e., 1,260, 1,290 and 1,335 (Dan. 12: 7-12) must stand for years. This destroys the view of the article under review on these three periods; for it claims that they are literal days.


(6) The fact that the vision was to speak in the Time of the End, 1799 to 1954 (Dan. 12: 9; Hab. 2: 3), and that through the Miller movement (1829-1844) it began to speak and has been increasingly doing so, proves that not only the Time of the End came before 1829, but that then the 1,290 days ended; for Dan. 12: 10, 11 shows that the wise would begin to understand at the end of the 1,290 days. This also proves the days to be symbolic and disproves Jan., 1919, to Sept., 1922, to be the 1,290 days.


(7) The fact that from the end of the 1,335 days great blessedness would come to the faithful through the very special opening of the Truth from then onward, when "in the end"—the Harvest (the reaping,



1874 to 1914, and the rest of the harvest processes, 1914 to 1954) the vision would speak and not lie (Hab. 1: 1-3), and the fact that the glorious Parousia and Epiphany messages have given this joy—O, "joy unspeakable and full of glory!" "Blessed be the Lord!"—prove that the 1,335 days were that many years and that they ended in 1874. This also proves that they—the 1,260, 1,290, 1,355 days—began to count from 539 A.D. and that the papacy is the abomination that maketh desolate, which vindicates our Pastor's view and destroys the view under consideration, that the 1,335 days were literal and began Sept., 1922, and ended May, 1926.


We will now refute some of the details of J.F.R.'s "new view" on these points—mud splashes—that in his blindness, drunkenness and folly he mistakes for lightning flashes. His claim that the wonders (whose duration is asked for in Dan. 12: 6) are God's organization and Satan's organization, is arbitrary and without any justification, is read into the text and is contrary to the answer of v. 7, that they are associated with the crushing of the Truth, and as such are mentioned in Dan. 8: 24. These wonders, therefore, were papacy's wicked and triumphant course and its treatment of others, especially the saints, and of the Truth. His reading into v. 7 the word days instead of things, i.e., the wonders asked about in v. 6 and answered in v. 7, is refuted by the fact that duration of the wonders is asked about in v. 6 and answered in v. 7. Hence the wonders are undoubtedly the things meant by the expression, "these things." To his claim that the "he" that scatters the power of God's people (v. 7) is Satan, we reply: Dan. 8: 9-25 being here explained proves the "he" to be the little horn—the papacy. None of the persecutions previous to papacy's desolated the Truth. Since no more crushing of the power of the holy people takes place after the 1,260 days, and since his persecution, that of himself and his followers, in 1918 (notice: not crushing



the Truth) began after his 1,260 days ended, his persecution cannot be meant by the persecution that crushed the power of the holy people; for the latter was to occur during the 1,260 days and end with their end, whereas the persecution of his view began after his 1,260 days had to end. Thus from Sept. 21, 1914 (the first day of the seventh month and the full end of the Gentile Times), to Dec. 31 were 102 days; 1915, 365; 1916, 366, and 1917, 365. These total 1,199; and 61 days more bring us to March 2, 1918, after which, if these were the real 1,260 days and if persecution of the Lord's people as distinct from crushing the Truth were meant, as he claims, no persecution of them was to come. But it was March 14, 1918, nearly two weeks later, when the U. S. Government forbade the distribution of the Finished Mystery and ordered the arrest of all who would thereafter distribute it (Z '18, 133, par. 5). The Society leaders were arrested May 8, 1918 (Z '18, 171, par. 4), a few days before which the Society's books, private papers, etc., at the Brooklyn headquarters were seized (Z '29, 372, par. numbered 8. Note how in this last citation Lawyer Rutherford falsifies the time of the seizing of the Society's papers and the arrest of its officers, putting these in February, 1918, in order to get them into his 1,260 days!—falsehoods that are manifest by the dates in the citations above given from the 1918 Towers). The scattering (not of the Truth, but) of his followers occurring after his 1,260 days had to end, March 2, 1918, proves the disharmony of his view with the pertinent Scriptures, even if the days were literal. Hence his 1,260 days are not only wrong, but contradict the Scripture requirements which call for the end of the scattering of the holy people's power, the Truth, at the end of the 1,260 days; whereas the American persecution, which he claims is the scattering of the power of the holy people, began after



his 1,260 days had ended; and it only partially ended over a year later!


We should say something on his abomination that maketh desolate—the League of Nations. The papacy is the real abomination that maketh desolate because: (1) it desolated every doctrine, every organizational arrangement and every practice of the true Church; (2) its hierarchy for the most part have been crown-losing new creatures and thus they have really been in the temple (2 Thes. 2: 3-5)— the Church; (3) as Antichrist it counterfeited everything of the Plan; (4) especially it took away the continual efficacy of the sacrifice of Christ by substituting the mass; and (5) its character and history are abominable. These things prove it to be in a real sense the greatest possible desolating abomination. Protestant denials of the ransom did not take away that doctrine from the true Church, nor did they put in the true Church a doctrine that set aside the continuing sacrifice of Christ, as the papacy did, therefore their ransom denials are not related to the real abomination, as he claims. But what doctrine, organizational arrangement and practice of the true Church has the League of Nations destroyed? When was it, in its members (which are nations), in the true Church ("standing in the holy," "in the temple of God"), as a part of it? When did it counterfeit everything of God's Plan? When did it take away the continual sacrifice, by putting in its place a substitute? When did it have toward God's people and the world one thousandth so desolating a character and history as the papacy? When did it ever do anything against the true Church, her teachings, organization and practices that took these away from her? Never! What if some foolish official of the Federation of Churches said it was the political expression of God's kingdom? The papacy said that of mightier institutions, e.g., the Christian Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, than the imbecile League of Nations, the football of



the larger powers! Notice the sophistry of the article under review in that it says that the federation's alleged and resultless declaration above stated put the League in the place of the real kingdom, i.e., made it a counterfeit kingdom. But that did not put one member of it into the Holy—the Spirit-begotten condition—a condition in which the papacy, whose members as a rule have been new creatures, has been, and thus has been in the Church and then seated itself there, i.e., made itself a god, ruler, there. What transparent folly is J.F.R.'s thought as to the desolating abomination!


He makes his periods longer than 1,260, 1,290 and 1,335 days, for he treats them as consisting of three years and six months, three years and seven months and three years and eight months and fifteen days, solar time, which makes his period in each case longer than it should be, i.e., it makes his 1,260 days 1,278, his 1,290 days 1,309, and his 1,335 days 1,356. As a result the second and third overlap one another. These facts spoil his periods and prevent his applications from being cogent, even if everything else were unobjectionable. And to end the 1,290 (1,309) days at and by a meeting where "advertise the King and Kingdom," with millions now living will never die after 1925 (!) was adopted as a slogan, shows the folly of its propounder. And to say that the blessedness of Dan. 12: 12 came in the joy that was experienced just before and at the sale of 120,900 books (printed, for the most part, contrary to God's will expressed through that Servant, that the Tower editors should publish nothing but Tower articles) during the London Convention in May, 1926, is an expression of lack of proportion as well as of folly in the propounder of the thought.


We believe it is now due time to inform our readers what the sacrifices of the Society partisans, especially in their book-selling phases, are. They are in the little



Catholic Church of little Babylon the counterpart of the mass in the large Catholic Church of Great Babylon! A few explanations will make this clear. In the papal counterfeit, the mass offered by a counterfeit priesthood is the counterfeit of the Sin-offering of the Church, the true priesthood. The partisan Spirit-begotten Societyites are Great Company members and its other consecrated partisans are Youthful Worthies, all of whom claim to be the true, but are a counterfeit priesthood; their sacrifice is, therefore, a counterfeit of the Church's sin-offering, and hence is in little Babylon the counterpart of the mass. The little Catholic Church's hierarchy—the Society's president, the little pope, its pilgrims, the little cardinals, its office managers at headquarters and branch offices, the little archbishops, and its service directors, the little bishops— constitute the little Antichrist of little Babylon, counterfeiting the true Church in the flesh, under Christ, its Head. And the above little mass with their many other errors in doctrine, organization and practice, ever increasing, are evidences that these leaders under and with the little pope in the small Gospel Age are the little abomination that maketh desolate. This little Antichrist has set aside the Sin-offering of the true Church and put in its place the little mass. Thus we see the rock-bottom reason for the great falling away from the Truth that, with ever increasing momentum, is going on in the Society.


In part of the above, as published in the April, 1930, Present Truth, we reviewed some follies of right-eye darkening as they had been manifested during about fourteen months previous to that time in J.F.R.'s Tower writings. Since then [up to March, 1931] he has continued to run true to form by publishing as alleged advancing light more of his nocturnal hallucinations. Almost everything that he writes gives to the Lord's people increasing evidence that he is fulfilling the role of the foolish and unprofitable shepherd,



the Jambresite leader among Truth sifters and that wicked servant. We will now review the Towers from April 1, 1930, to Feb. 15, 1931. In practically every one of them J.F.R. reiterates his thought that in 1918 our Lord came to the temple and since 1919 has been gathering the Faithful into, and casting the unfaithful out of it. Not one pertinent proof has he ever offered that connects the Lord's coming to His temple with the year 1918. The parallel dispensations, the chronology, the Jubilees, the 1335 days of Daniel, the Sabbath, the signs of the times and the Pyramid prove that He came there in 1874. If He has been gathering His faithful into the temple since 1919, and that as a special reward, they could not have been there before; but the Bible proves that they have been there ever since Pentecost (1 Cor. 3: 16, 17; 6: 19; 2 Cor. 6: 16; Eph. 2: 21; 2 Thes. 2: 4; Rev. 8: 4; 11: 1; 15: 6). Furthermore, if they were not gathered there before 1919, no one was there before 1919. How, then, could the Lord's people as the seven angels have come out of it with the seven vials since 1886? His false "new views" of Revelation, that make it from chapter 4 onward apply from 1919 onward, were forced upon him by his temple errors, while the demonstrated fulfilment of the bulk of the Revelation before 1914 proves these new views, as well as his temple views, to be erroneous.


In almost every one of the articles under review he reiterates his thought that Satan challenged God to create a man that would keep his integrity. Nowhere does the Bible give such a thought. He seeks to draw this thought from Job as an alleged type of man unfallen, fallen and restored. To this we reply: (1) Satan did not challenge God to find in Job a man who would maintain his integrity; but God permitted Satan, in an answer to his charge that Job's piety was selfish and could be undermined, to seek to prove his charge (Job. 1: 6-12; 2-16). (2) Job is not a type of unfallen, fallen and restored mankind, though he might,



as our Pastor said, be used in certain limited respects to illustrate mankind as such. But there is a vast difference between a limited illustration and a type; for the latter requires a correspondence in every detail between the type and antitype, while it is impossible to find detailed correspondence between unfallen, fallen and restored mankind and the pious, persecuted, suffering Job and fallen man, e.g., Satan failed to corrupt Job, while he did corrupt all humans who will get restitution; Job suffered faithfully as a test of his righteousness; not so Adam and that part of his fallen race that will get restitution; Job got twice as much as he lost, not so will Adam and his race fare; Job's prayers make the sacrifices of his three detractors acceptable; not so will Adam and his race work, for the sacrifices of the worst of mankind as well as of the best of them will be made acceptable by the Christ's sacrifice. Many other reasons could be given in disproof of the thought under review, not to mention the boundless arbitrariness, dogmatism and foolishness in many details of the view under examination. Some day we hope to present to our readers the true typical teachings of the book of Job, with Job's antitype as being priestly (Jas. 5: 10, 11). The idea that J.F.R. sets forth, that God is proving, as an answer to an alleged Satanic challenge, that He can place a race on earth that will maintain its integrity and has been occupying Himself with such a challenged task for more than 6,000 years and will continue with it for 1,000 years more, belittles God and degrades His character and plan. Not as an answer to an imaginary challenge, which God has too much self-respect to accept, but as a demonstration and revelation of His glorious wisdom, power, justice and love in the interests of all free moral agents, is God working out His glorious plans—purposes—with mankind and angels, and will bring them to pass.


Throughout these articles teachings are set forth and