Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing (epiphany) of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;  Titus 2:13


How were the two antitypical knots untied? What are the main historical facts connected with the loosing of the first knot holding the antitypical Goat, in Britain? What two coincidences occurred on the same dates as two of those historical facts? When during the confessing of the sins did the first part of the antitypical loosing begin and when did it end?

(37) By what was the second antitypical knot untied? Under what circumstances and when did it begin and end? How did the untying of the first knot proceed in America? What warning was raised against the error accompanying the loosing of the first knot, and how was the warning stated?

(38) What did clarifying the subject from this loosing of Azazel's Goat onward require of its expounder? What was his relation to the leaders' contentions for power? When and how did he first learn of American and British brethren contending for power?

(39) Into what kind of a position was he put when first set to work in co-operating under the Lord with others in leading the Goat to the Gate? Of what did he not surmise brethren to be capable? How did their wrongs affect him? Toward what sets of leaders was he so affected? How does he not and how does he think of his work?

(40) Under what circumstances may one with the Lord's approval modestly speak of his work? What facts prove this? What reasons required the writer of "Azazel's Goat" to write of his work?

(41) How could the writer of Harvest Siftings Reviewed have unanswerably proven his credentials bonafide? Why did he then withhold, and why did he three years later give this proof? What were the facts then withheld and since given? What seems to have put Bro. Hemery against Bro. Shearn's plan as to control of Tabernacle arrangements? What seems to prove this?

(42) Give the occurrences from November 3 to November 11, 1917, which prove that the credentials were not given to obtain passports, but were bonafide.

(43) What principle and facts prove the credentials to have been binding as between the Society's Board and their recipient? How do this principle and these facts hold as to the act of the Executive Committee? What



judgment should be passed on the claim that his credentials were neither valid nor bonafide?

(44) What facts as to the Tabernacle schedules prove that he saw the Tabernacle correspondence before leaving for Europe? How did he refrain from violating the Executive Committee's charge to keep secret the matter of his having seen and read the Tabernacle correspondence before leaving for Europe?

(45) How did the knowledge of the Tabernacle correspondence affect him? How did he overcome this? How did he balance his attitude toward the three managers? How were his hopes as to making peace disappointed? How only had the conduct of Bros. Shearn and Crawford been set forth up to and including the article on Azazel's Goat?

(46) What seven things were done with respect to the revolutionism of Azazel's Goat? Who directed in these seven things? What did they accomplish?

(47) By what proportionate number of the pertinent Under-priests in the flesh and in the Epiphany work were the various sections of Azazel's Goat led to the Gate and fit man? Show how with six groups of leaders this was done.

(48) How are unmanifested crown-losers related to the World's High Priest? Give an example in proof. How does this consideration explain the contradictory conduct of certain brethren? When only will it be certain whether one will remain in the World's High Priest?

(49) By what three ways can we prove that the World's High Priest leads Azazel's Goat to the Gate?

(50) What three things may we reasonably infer the live goat did as it was led to the Gate? For what two reasons may we draw this inference? What things have occurred in the antitype suggestive of tugging, jerkings and buttings?

(51) What have been the two stages in the beginning and in the ending of leading Azazel's Goat members to the Gate and delivering them to the fit man? What have been the acts and dates of these two startings and deliverings in the cases of (1) Bro. Shearn, (2) Bro. Hemery, (3) J.F. Rutherford,  (52) (4) Bro. Sturgeon, (53) (5) Bro. Ritchie, (54) and (6) Bro. Hoskins?



(55) What is involved in conducting leaders to the fit man? What do the fulfilled acts imply as to frequency of conducting individuals of Azazel's Goat to the fit man? What is meant by a general act? What does each general act require to be done to its doer? Give an illustration.

(56) What two terms have been used with reference to conducting Azazel's Goat to the Gate? Which is the preferable one?

(57) What are the two definitions of the fit man? In what two ways are these definitions proven correct? Explain 1 Cor. 5:3-5 as showing the activity of three groups of the World's High Priest delivering a Great Company member to the fit man as unfavorable circumstances and to Azazel. Show how 1 Tim. 1: 19, 20 gives the same line of thought. Show how Lev. 16: 8, 10, 26 shows the fit man to represent persecuting persons. Why is Satan not the fit man?

(59) Whose High Priest delivers Azazel's Goat to the fit man? How can this be proved by Scriptures and facts?

(60) By what act is Azazel's Goat passed through the antitypical Gate? By what acts is it delivered to the fit man? What does and what does this not imply? What Scriptures and facts prove these things?

(61) Wherein do and wherein do not the Head and Body cooperate in delivering Azazel's Goat to the fit man? Why should our Lord alone deliver them to the fit man as persecuting persons? Of what have some of the Under-priests been falsely accused in this respect? How far may these go in delivering the Goat to the fit man? After doing these things, to whom should they leave them? What should they not give them? How should they act in so responsible a matter?

(62) What is meant by leading the Goat to the wilderness? Who serve as marked examples of being led to the wilderness? When did J.F. Rutherford's fit-man experience begin? How did this manifest itself from the Board's correspondence with him and the circumstances of his trip? What additional things did he and his supporters do showing them to be in unfavorable circumstances?

(63) What in their careers shows fit-man experiences from the standpoint of the fit man as persecuting persons? How did they seek to represent these experiences? And



what false charge did they bring against others on this point? What need the fit man as persecutors not be?

(64) In what respect are all of the stages of the antitypical Goat's experiences similar?

(65) What is typed by letting Azazel's goat go in the wilderness? How does 1 Cor. 5: 11, 13 prove this? What will this experience mean to the nominal-church section of Azazel's Goat? What is the difference between the Priesthood's part in delivering Azazel's Goat to the fit man and its being let go in the wilderness? How does the history of the effort to mediate between the Board's majority and J.F. Rutherford illustrate this difference so far as the dealings with the latter are concerned? How was this illustrated in the dealings of the Board's majority with him from July 27 onward? How has he been ever since from the standpoint of the British and Board matter? In what other brothers' experiences were the same lines of thought in evidence?

(66) How was this principle exemplified in the experience of the Society leaders in bonds? How often and in what connection are we to expect to see this same principle exemplified?

(67) In what two ways does Azazel's Goat fall into Azazel's hand? Prove this. What are the Lord's two purposes in this? Why can this stage of the experiences of Azazel's Goat not be given in detail? How does J.F. Rutherford's course on July 25, 1917, illustrate this?

(68) On July 27 and 29 and August 8? How has his course since that time illustrated this? What alternative is before him and all others like him?

(69) Who else have undergone similar experiences? How often will the individuals of the Great Company fall into Azazel's hands? What should the Priests do at each general act of revolutionism on the part of members of Azazel's Goat? What effect should the Levites' misunderstandings and imputations of evil motives have on the Priests? What is to be the outcome, and what should we do with respect to it?

(70) What are the seven typical stages in the experiences of Azazel's Goat? Briefly define the antitype of each of these stages.

(71) What must the antitypical Levites do to share in



suffering for the willful sins of the world, and to gain life? What will result from a failure to do this? What should the sense of their danger prompt us to do for them?

(72) When and by whom was an outline of our study given? How do the outline and the detailed fulfillment agree? Who is privileged to see these things now? How should this knowledge affect us?

(73) Before what did the Great Company not exist as a class? What followed from this fact? What, accordingly, did God forbid? How were all the consecrated, accordingly, to be regarded and received? What distinction was then not made? What occurred through the separation? What did the Great Company yet remain? How should they no longer be treated? What occurred in this respect in 1917? Why? How do the cited passages show this? Whether consciously or unconsciously, what did those do who withdrew from the revolutionistic brethren? Of what forms does priestly fellowship consist? How have we, accordingly, refused to regard the Society's new light? What does this imply? How have we refused to regard their alleged strengthening food? What does this imply? How have we refused to regard and co-operate in their sufferings connected with their works? What does this imply? What is implied from the three standpoints just presented? What have we not withdrawn from them? How is this shown as to some teachings? As to the antitypical laver? As to the antitypical Bullock's blood? What follows as to both kinds of fellowship? What results therefrom? Why is God pleased with our pertinent course?

(74) What has the increasing Epiphany Truth enabled us to see as to the Great Company? Who are the antitypical Merarites? Who are the antitypical Gershonites?

(75) What must all admit? What question remains? How is it to be answered as to the Societyites and Standfasts? The P.B.I.?

(76) What priestly activity do the Levites condemn? What do they dogmatically announce? What refutes their claim? How so? What forbidden judging do they misapply? What passages sanction Epiphany judging? How in each case? Which of these passages does so especially? How is this passage frequently misapplied? To what kind



of judging does this passage not apply? What kind of judging does it forbid? While misapplying this judgment to be delayed until we are on the Throne, what do Levites charge that we usurp by our present judging? As to time what do they claim of it? With what kind of judgment is the priesthood not charged? Why not? For what has the priesthood always waited? Then what did it do? When? What cannot be pointed out? Why not? For what has the priesthood always waited? After that what has it done?

(77) What else has the priesthood not done, though accused thereof? What kind of judging does

1 Cor. 4: 5 command? What will clarify this subject? What kind of manifestation did the Lord make during the Parousia? Before such Parousia manifestation what would have been pertinently wrong? What not so afterward? What was our Pastor's pertinent Parousia course? How does the pertinent article read, as abridged in The Present Truth, No. 180? What announcement would have been wrong, if made during the Parousia? Why? When do the passages quoted by Levites from our Pastor's writings against such judging apply? What is violated by applying them to the Epiphany? What passages from that Servant's writings on judging as proper apply to the Epiphany? What does he say therein? What is wrong in the pertinent Levites' course as to these passages and those applying to the Parousia?

(78) When does the separation between the Little Flock and the Great Company occur? How do the cited passages show this? What has our Lord Jesus been doing with the Great Company since 1914? By and for what is He manifesting them as crown-losers? Why and under what circumstances is it no longer forbidden, but commanded to announce them as such? What is proper to do now? What were our Pastor's pertinent thoughts? Hence what did he not condemn, on the contrary approve? What judging would be wrong in the Epiphany?

(79) What will our Lord bring to light in the Basileia? What stage of His Second Advent is it? What will He thereby manifest? What would be wrong before He does this? When will it be no longer wrong? How should this discussion on judging be summed up for the Parousia?



For the Epiphany? For the Basileia? What conclusion do we draw as to the application of 1 Cor. 4: 5 as to judging? What does this do with the Levites' pertinent contention?

(80) By what was J.F.R.'s letter, written just before he was sent to Atlanta, circulated? Against whom was it written? Of what did it accuse them? What was the natural effect of such charges on his adherents? Who repeated them before a class?

(81) What statement was first made in answer to these charges? What was the author's course before the pertinent arrest? Afterwards among the brethren? Before the prosecutor? What was the effect on the prosecutor? What message was by the author sent to J.F.R. through Bro. Herr? Despite this, what did J.F.R. do? What was the author's course as to attendance at the trial? What effect did Bro. Herr's reporting his pertinent activities have on many Societyites? What is the story of a pertinent meeting on a street? With what was this discourtesy not allowed to interfere?

(82) Humanly speaking, what did not bring the Society leaders into trouble with the government? What four acts precipitated them into this trouble? How could the first and main one of these causes have been avoided? Despite their false accusations, what made the author rejoice? Into what did their accusations fit? Into what do they not fit? What, seemingly, were the causes of their imprisonment? What, in other words?

(83) What was the pertinent course of the other six accused brothers? What view of the author's did they endorse? To whom did R. H. Hirsh express sympathy during the trial? What pertinent thing did he do for the accused? What prevented his expressing sympathy with all of them during the trial? What did the author not do as to their release? What inconsistent course did the indicted leaders pursue as to R. H. Hirsh during the trial? What does this prove that they sought to do with him? What does this show of them?

(84) What is characteristic of Satan and of many of his servants? What does he do to overthrow the influence of Truth servants? What does he, accordingly, do? For what does this account as to his course against our



Lord, Paul and that Servant? How does Satan use those false teachers and frauds who cannot meet the exposures of them? For what will this account? What did he add thereto? On these falsehoods being proven to be such, what did Satan's mouthpieces falsely charge? On the refutation of these falsehoods and the author's proof that J.F.R. was that evil servant and the foolish, unprofitable shepherd, what did Satan give them to spread? What falsehoods, under the lead of Clayton Woodworth, did Satan then give them to spread? What was Satan's purpose therein? Whom does he find as ready mouthpieces for such falsehoods? What should be the effect on God's people who for righteousness' sake suffer such evils? Why are such Epiphany experiences allowed as to the three involved classes?

(85) What have we discussed foregoing? Where is the larger section of Azazel's Goat? How are they distributed? What confession of antitypical Israel's sins and loosing of the Goat applied to the whole of Azazel's Goat? When was that work completed? What then set in? How long did this work continue before it began to turn to the Protestant and Catholic sections of Azazel's Goat? With what and when did resisting the revolutionisms of its Truth section begin internally? Externally? When and with what did it begin toward its Protestant and Catholic sections? Its Catholic section alone? What are the two king errors of the nominal church? How and against whom were these errors pertinently used? Of what is this activity an antitype? What three special forms of work characterize it? Who engaged in the lecture work?

(86) What literature has been used by the colporteurs and sharpshooters? What was used by the volunteers? What methods of distribution did they use? Where will details on this work be found? True to the type, what did the exponents of the two king errors fail to do? How did they act in the battle? What did they do in lieu of answering? How much literature has been distributed in this battle? How widespread has the lecture work been? The volunteer work? The colporteur and sharpshooter work? What, as typed by the course of Gideon's firstborn, have the Epiphany brethren failed to do? When



will the work be completed against the two king errors? Through whose co-operation perhaps?

(87) What kind of work has not been done toward the Protestant section of Azazel's Goat that has been done toward its Romanist section? Why so? Of what have both of them been guilty? Of what has its Protestant section not been guilty in America? Where has it been guilty thereof? Of what has Rome been guilty? Where in general? In particular? What has resulted therefrom? Especially where? What forms have these attacks assumed? By what means?

(88) What literature has been used by colporteurs and sharpshooters therein? How large a booklet would it make? Of what does it consist? How many have been circulated? What pertinent literature has been used by the volunteers? Where are these reproduced? How many of each of these have been circulated? In what three ways mainly? What has The Herald Of The Epiphany done in this matter in each issue since Nov. 15, 1922? What, accordingly, has been done in this respect? What has Rome's reaction been to this activity? Despite this, what has continued? What is to be recognized in the civil authority's part in some of these reactions?

(89) What set in immediately after starting the above described resistance to Azazel's Goat in the nominal church? Why immediately thereafter? What occurred thereupon? Wherein do we see that the Romanist part of Azazel's Goat is in the fit man's hands in both senses of the fit man? The Protestant part? What indicates that both sections of Azazel's Goat in the nominal church is in Azazel's hands? What kind of ills are these to them? Wherein will the climax of their sufferings come? Of what will they consist? What primary effects will these have upon them? Secondary effects? Final effects?





Thy beauty, Israel, is gone

Slain in the places high is he:

The mighty now are overthrown;

O thus how cometh it to be!

Let not this news their streets throughout,

In Gath or Askalon, be told;

For fear Philistia's daughters flout,

Lest vaunt the uncircumcised should.


On you, hereafter, let no dew,

You mountains of Gilboa, fall:

Let there be neither showers on you,

Nor fields that breed an offering shall,

For there with shame away was thrown,

The target of the strong (alas),

The shield of Saul, e'en as of one

That ne'er with oil anointed was.


Nor from their blood that slaughter'd lay,

Nor from the fat of strong men slain,

Came Jonathan his bow away,

Nor drew forth Saul his sword in vain.

In lifetime they were lovely fair,

In death they undivided are.

More swift than eagles of the air,

And stronger they than lions were.


Weep, Israel's daughters, weep for Saul,

Who you with scarlet hath array'd;

Who clothed you with pleasures all,

And on your garments gold hath laid.

How comes it he, that mighty was,

The foil in battle doth sustain!

Thou, Jonathan, oh thou (alas)

Upon thy places high wert slain!


And much distressed is my heart,

My brother Jonathan, for thee;

My very dear delight thou wert,

And wondrous was thy love to me;

So wondrous, it surpassed far

The love of women (every way).

Oh, how the mighty fallen are!

How warlike instruments decay!